How to Contact Your Legislators

Before you start contacting legislators, It is important that you become a member on our website. This ensures that you get our emails. We send out our action alerts to our members first! We also use this database to organize into district teams.

First you need to find your STATE legislators. This is not Inhofe and Lankford- they are your US legislators. Your state legislators are listed below them, look for State Senate and State House.
Use this link:

Next you need to find their email or phone number. You can use this link:

Third, you need to decide what you are going to say. You can use bits and pieces of our sample emails, which can be found on our website. Please dont copy them word for word. Legislators prefer to hear from your heart, copy and pasted emails turn them off.

Here are some DO’s and DONT’S DO’S

  • Do put a clear subject line. “Oppose _____” or “Support ______”.
  • Do include that you are a constituent (meaning they represent your area of Oklahoma).
  • Do include your full address at the conclusion of the email.
  • Do include your personal stories of how you have been affected by this issue. Do always remain polite and calm, even though this subject can be emotional for many parents. Do reach back out in a week or so if you don’t hear back.


  • Don't take up a large amount of their time. Keep the email or call brief.
  • Don’t be disrespectful or rude.
  • Don’t make any disrespectful remarks about any legislators, especially Senator Yen. Always stay above reproach.
  • Don’t dive down the rabbit hole. Focusing on parental rights and freedom is a great place to start with Oklahoma legislators. Gentle education is great, but be careful to meet them where they are at in their thinking of vaccines.

Lastly, consider donating to our cause. Donations are used to cover the cost of printing materials and talking points, supporting freedom loving candidates, and impacting elections.