2019 Parental Rights Capitol Day!


Come out on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 and support OKHPR.


Second Floor Rotunda, Oklahoma State Capitol.


Join us as we advocate for parental and health rights at our annual capitol day! This is our biggest capitol event of the year!  Citizens from all over the state come together to kickoff the legislative session and introduce bills that protect your rights!!


  • 11:00 am-4:00 pm (Come and Go)
  • 11:00 Registration & Meet and Greet
  • 12:00 Group Photo
  • 12:15 Introduction of Health and Parental Rights Legislation
  • 1:00 Break into District Teams
  • 1:30 Introductions of OKHPR in Senate and House Chambers

After session: Legislator Office Visits
This year’s theme is: IF FREEDOM DOESN’T RING, IT WILL ROAR! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I cannot be there the entire time? Is there a time that I will be needed more?

Yes, coming by noon is the most important time to show our presence (group photo) and meet with our legislators. Legislator office visits will be in the afternoon and meeting YOUR representatives is key to having successful B.E.A.R advocacy.

What do we do during the meet and greet? 

You will check in, get your program, lanyard, t-shirts and decals if you pre-ordered them and get your team assignments based on your senate district.

We will also have our “MAMA BEAR AND SUPERHERO” photo booth again during our meet and greet so be ready to ham it up!

It’s also a great time to have a snack lunch in the beautiful rotunda while we wait for the group photo and program to begin at noon.

What do we wear?

The dress is business casual, but many will be dressing up their mama bear shirts, too! Your shirts will be ready for you at registration. You must order here in advance!

COMFORTABLE SHOES ARE A MUST! Dressing for success is key to being taken seriously by your legislators.

Can we bring kids?

Kids are definitely welcome, but bring plenty of snacks, a stroller, books and devices!

Is there a place to eat?

Please pack sack lunches to enjoy lunch at the meet and greet! There is a cafe, but your schedule will be very busy so you may not have time to get up there.

Where do I park?


There are two free parking lots available to visitors of the capital. The most convenient one is directly south of the Capitol (you will notice the oil well) and can accessed by traveling north or south on Lincoln Blvd. The second parking lot can be accessed by traveling north on Lincoln and turning east onto 21st street, then left onto the parking lot.

Please note: The second parking lot requires crossing Lincoln Blvd which is a high traffic street. Always use designated crosswalks where pedestrians have the right of way. Please consider parking in the second parking lot if not traveling with small children so that our families with children can have closer parking spots.

Also, please allow extra time to park, walk and go through metal detectors. We suggest planning at 15-20 minutes for this. We also encourage you to carpool if you have friends or neighbors also attending.

View a parking map available here. Entrances are marked with a blue marker and parking is marked with a red P.

Where do I get more information? 

If you are on Facebook, join us at the OFFICIAL event page here

You can also email us at info@okhpr.com

We look forward to seeing you on February 13, 2019!!!