2020 OKHPR-PAC Primary Race Endorsements

We are proud to announce 27 candidates from both the Oklahoma Senate and House who have received our official OKHPR PAC endorsement. In addition to these, there were many more who scored A ratings but if multiple people in a race were equally matched, we did not endorse. We received hundreds of surveys and hundreds of requests for endorsements.

Our official voting guide will be published at okhpr.com/2020vg on June 12. In the voting guide, you will find survey grades and voting records that helped us determine endorsements. Many are also worthy of your vote and some are not! We are urging CAUTION on those.

We did not endorse any incumbent who did not fill out a survey or have an A voting record with us. Many came close, but only these made the cut.

A (+) means they authored, co-authored or defended legislation that protected parental rights, health choice, informed consent or medical privacy in some capacity while in office. To receive your voting guide via email, please sign up to become an official member at okhpr.com

Membership is free, so we can remain free! Freedom Matters!

Vote! June 30!

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Endorsed Senate Candidates

Endorsed House Candidates