What Questions are on the OKHPR-PAC Survey?

Many members have asked what questions are on the 2020 candidate survey. We ask candidates questions on health choice topics such as medical marijuana, birth choice, vaccine choice, parental rights, informed consent and medical privacy. Candidate answers are confidential, to protect the integrity of campaigns. However, we have now published the survey questions for members to view.


Health Choice

Since 1970, Oklahoma has required some vaccines for children to attend public school or daycare. Oklahoma has also allowed vaccine exemptions since requirements began in 1970. Exemptions are required if a parent chooses to opt-out of even just one dose of one vaccine. Parents may use a vaccine exemption for medical, personal, or religious reasons.

As of the 2018-19 school year, Oklahoma has a 2.6% exemption rate. Only 0.1% of these exemptions are medical. Medical vaccine exemptions are extremely rare and difficult to get. Many doctors are afraid to write a medical exemption because they fear criticism from the medical community. Many doctors recommend that parents use a personal, or religious belief exemption, even if their child has suffered a significant and life-threatening vaccine injury.

Oklahoma’s 2.6% exemption rate is relatively low. 37 states have higher exemption rates than Oklahoma. Oregon and Idaho have the highest exemption rates of the entire United States, at 7.7%.

Please rank the following statements based on your personal beliefs.

1. Parents should have the final say in all aspects of healthcare for their children, including vaccination.
1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- Neutral 4- Agree 5- Strongly Agree

2.  Religious and Personal/Philosophical vaccine exemptions are reasonable and should be protected.
1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- Neutral 4- Agree 5- Strongly Agree

3. Parents should have the right to choose where they will give birth (hospital, birth center, or home).
1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- Neutral 4- Agree 5- Strongly Agree

4. I support the use of medical marijuana to treat various conditions in consultation with a health care practitioner.
1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- Neutral 4- Agree 5- Strongly Agree

5. I support small cell wireless technology towers (5G towers) being placed near or on school grounds and near residential homes.
1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- Neutral 4- Agree 5- Strongly Agree

6. I support accurate labeling of foods, and medical products, which includes listing all ingredients, labeling organic ingredients, amounts of heavy metals, and glyphosate.
1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- Neutral 4- Agree 5- Strongly Agree

7. Do you support mandatory vaccination for covid-19, if and when a vaccine becomes available?

8. Currently, the Oklahoma Department of Health can make changes to the list of required vaccines for school children and daycares. These changes are in effect until and unless the Oklahoma legislature passes a joint resolution of disapproval within the required time frame. If elected, would you support changing this so that the legislature must approve or disapprove changes before they are put into effect? For a sample of this legislation, please see HB 1112: https://legiscan.com/OK/text/HB1112/id/2066944

9. Would you support adding requirements to vaccine exemptions, such as requiring parents to watch a video, or take a class about the benefits of vaccines or requiring parents to get the exemption form notarized? For an example of this type of legislation, please see SB 83: http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf_pdf/2017-18%20FLR/SFLR/SB83%20SFLR.PDF

10. Currently, many Oklahoma schools send out notices that children need vaccines prior to enrollment. Many of these notices do not include information on vaccine exemptions, making it appear that parents are not allowed to opt-out. Would you support a measure that requires schools to include the truth about vaccine exemptions, in a brief sentence? For example: “Immunizations must be up to date in order to complete enrollment. The State Board of Health prescribes the immunization requirements and the frequency of their administration. Exemptions to the law may be granted in accordance with the state law and State Health Department requirements.” For an example of this type of legislation please see HB 4133: https://legiscan.com/OK/text/HB4133/2020

11. Currently, some employers such as hospitals allow employees to opt-out of certain vaccines for religious reasons, but because this is not written in state statute, many employees are not protected. Do you believe that religious vaccine exemptions should be available in the workplace? For an example of this type of legislation please see SB 146: https://legiscan.com/OK/text/SB146/2020

12. There is currently no method in the state of Oklahoma for health care practitioners or patients to report adverse reactions to vaccines. Would you support a measure that creates and maintains an automated reporting and tracking system for injuries and deaths from vaccinations? For an example of this type of legislation please see SB 1840: https://legiscan.com/OK/text/SB1850/2020

13. Do you support Trump’s ban on aborted fetal tissue research?

14. The Oklahoma Parental Bill of Rights is geared towards school-aged children. Would you support measures to update the legislation to specifically include parental rights beginning at the time of birth? For an example of this type of legislation please see HB 3014: https://legiscan.com/OK/text/HB3014/2020

15. Do you think that public health officials should work toward developing better data collection, models, and establishing an acceptable death rate for a contagious illness that would warrant shutting down of non-essential businesses, schools and public gatherings for an extended period?

16. Do you think the public should have to prove immunity to certain diseases/illnesses to be able to travel, conduct business, go to schools or universities, and other public gatherings?

17. Would you support a statewide mask mandate?

18. Do you support city-wide mask mandates?

19. Do you support mask mandates for schools?

20. Our organization seeks to run legislation that solves the root issues of chronic health disease and neurological disorders without violating personal health choice or parental rights. Would you be willing to author or co-author legislation that protects health choice and parental rights?
-I would be willing to author protective legislation

-I would be willing to c0-author protective legislation

-I am not willing to author protective legislation at this time

2020 OKHPR-PAC Primary Race Endorsements

We are proud to announce 27 candidates from both the Oklahoma Senate and House who have received our official OKHPR PAC endorsement. In addition to these, there were many more who scored A ratings but if multiple people in a race were equally matched, we did not endorse. We received hundreds of surveys and hundreds of requests for endorsements.

Our official voting guide will be published at okhpr.com/2020vg on June 12. In the voting guide, you will find survey grades and voting records that helped us determine endorsements. Many are also worthy of your vote and some are not! We are urging CAUTION on those.

We did not endorse any incumbent who did not fill out a survey or have an A voting record with us. Many came close, but only these made the cut.

A (+) means they authored, co-authored or defended legislation that protected parental rights, health choice, informed consent or medical privacy in some capacity while in office. To receive your voting guide via email, please sign up to become an official member at okhpr.com

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