Sign The Mask Mandate Petition!

Do you oppose a state-wide mask mandate?

As the largest health freedom organization in the state of Oklahoma, we are calling for Oklahomans to make their voices heard for health freedom!
We need Oklahomans to both sign this PETITION AND call/email Gov. Stitt’s office and their state legislators reminding them to honor individual liberty.
Many mandates have already been put in place to no avail. Even states with mask mandates have seen similar patterns. Mandates are NOT the answer!

After you have signed the petition, contact the Governor here: and call 405-521 2342.

35 OKHPR-PAC Endorsement Wins!

Tonight has been a fantastic night for parental rights! OKHPR-PAC is very happy to announce 35 OKHPR-PAC endorsement wins! Congratulations to the following newly elected legislators! We look forward to advancing parental rights and health choice with you. You can check out the rest of the Oklahoma election results here.

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Electoral Map 2020! Election Night Activity

It is Election Day!

We are loving seeing all of the voting selfies. Keep posting them and using the hashtags #okhpr and #votedbear. If you have not voted yet, make sure you are in line at your polling location before 7 PM!

We have included a fun printable for the kids as you watch election night coverage tonight. Print off the electoral college map below and color in blue or red states as the results come in. You can also use the following resources to teach your kids about what the electoral college is and how it works.