2021 Mini Capitol Days

*** UPDATE!***

Join us May 24th at 1 PM in the 4th senate chambers to advocate for SB 658. This is the final health choice legislation of 2021! You can read more about the bill here. 

Pickup for OKHPR gear will be available at the Capitol. Use code ‘pickup10’ to receive 10% off as a thank you for saving us shipping costs.


We are unable to host a big Capitol Day as we have done every year since 2015. Instead, we will be having Mini Capitol Days at the State Capitol on Wednesdays and other select dates. Members will be able to pick up OKHPR shirts and gear at this time. Members will be able to get to know their Senators and Representatives and will be taught how to successfully advocate for or against bills. Then members can sit in on committee or floor meetings and listen to the debate, questions, and the final vote. If you have never been to the Capitol before, this is a great opportunity to learn more about how our local government works with the help of a trained captain!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can’t make it the whole time, can I come and go?

Yes, that is fine. Please include an accurate phone number in your registration so we may contact you and know when to expect you.

What do we wear?

The dress is business casual, but many will be dressing up their OKHPR shirts, too! You can pick up shirt orders at the Capitol, but you must order here in advance!

COMFORTABLE SHOES ARE A MUST! Dressing for success is key to being taken seriously by your legislators.

Can we bring kids?

Kids are definitely welcome, but bring plenty of snacks, a stroller, books, and devices!

Is there a place to eat?

Please pack sack lunches or prepare to order lunch in the cafe on the basement level of the Capitol.

Where do I park?

There are two free parking lots available to visitors of the capital. The most convenient one is directly south of the Capitol (you will notice the oil well) and can be accessed by traveling north or south on Lincoln Blvd. The second parking lot can be accessed by traveling north on Lincoln and turning east onto 21st street, then left onto the parking lot.

Please note: The second parking lot has now opened an underground walkway to access the entrance of the Capitol. It is no longer necessary to cross Lincoln Blvd which is a high traffic street. Even with these updates, please consider parking in the second parking lot if not traveling with small children so that our families with children can have closer parking spots.

Also, please allow extra time to park, walk and go through metal detectors. We suggest planning at 15-20 minutes for this. We also encourage you to carpool if you have friends or neighbors also attending.

Entrances are marked with red markers and parking is marked with a blue P. All other parking is reserved for Capitol staff.

When I get into the Capitol, where do I go?

We will be meeting in the fourth-floor senate chamber. Once you get through security, make your way to the nearest elevator or stairs. Go up to the fourth floor. Once on the fourth floor, head to the east side of the building, which is the Senate side.  In between the two senate hallways, you will see an area that is called the senate chambers. This is where we will meet. You can get a visual of the layout using this map.