February 9th Election Endorsements!

We are proud to announce 11 candidates who have received our official OKHPR PAC endorsement during the 2021 February Special Election!

These candidates include the special election for Senate District 22, City Council, and School Board Elections. In order to be endorsed by OKHPR, candidates must fill out an OKHPR Parental Rights Survey. The following candidates have all received an A rating from OKHPR.

Vote! Feburary 9th!

Senate District 22 Special Election

City Council

Sorted in alphabetical order by town

Deer Creek




Ponca City


School Board



Action Alert! Another OSDH Rule Change!

Action Alert!
We are needing every member to send in a public comment to OSDH again! This time we are supporting the proposed change. This rule is formalizing that the health department wants to remove the education class that was proposed last year. Thank you to Col. Lance Frye and Governor Kevin Stitt for their leadership! We are asking everyone to SUPPORT this change! Here is what we need to do!
  1. Please use this link to make a public comment in support of removing the language. Make sure you say “YES” when asked if you are in favor of the rule change!
  2. Mark your calendar for January 14th at 9 AM. Plan to join the OSDH virtual meeting and make a public comment to support the removal of the language. Those wishing to present oral comments should be registered to speak by 9:15 a.m. Oral comments must be less than 3 minutes long. Click here to join the virtual meeting.
You can read more about the rule to ABOLISH the class by clicking here.