Protect Oklahoma Jobs

Thousands of employees from the following companies HAVE or WILL BE fired for having their Covid-19 vaccine religious or medical exemptions denied. Oklahoma law does not require employers to accept vaccine exemptions even though there are legitimate religious, personal, and medical reasons for opting out, including natural immunity.

Many corporations are giving religious tests as well. For example, this four-page long exemption form for Verizon employees, or this 6-page long exemption form for software development employees who work from home.

Some employers are asking employees to list the location and dates that they have attended church, and what other medical decisions they do or do not make because of their religious convictions.

OKHPR has been collecting data on which companies are mandating vaccines for employees and what we have found is that the mandates are coming from large multi-million dollar corporations. Since we know the vaccinated can still catch and spread Covid-19, and since antibody tests are not allowed in place of a vaccine, employees are left to wonder if these policies are truly about public health, or if they are about profit. The following employers have been reported to OKHPR as requiring the vaccine as of 10/28/2021.

Disclaimer: Some companies listed below may accept exemptions. We require proof of mandate in writing but are not responsible for policy change or falsification. We make every effort to verify before publication with the company or press releases made by companies listed below, but companies may not update us on policy change. We make every attempt to pull companies if they remove their mandate and our volunteers verify every report in writing.

  • AAR Aircraft Service
  • Advocate Aurora Sherman Hospital
  • Ahtna STS of Alaska
  • American Airlines
  • Ascension St John
  • Associations of the Gynecologist
  • AT&T
  • Boeing
  • Chickasaw Nation Department of Health
  • Chickasaw Nation Medical Center
  • Civic Center Foundation
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Continental Resources
  • Cox
  • Creek Nation Community Hospital
  • DELL
  • Department of Defense
  • DirecTV
  • Eli Lilly
  • Flight Safety International
  • Frankfurt Short Bruza (FSB)
  • FIS
  • Google/MODIS
  • Hillrom
  • Honeywell
  • Inspire Speciality Hospital
  • Integris Baptist Medical Center
  • L3 Harris
  • Leidos Inc
  • Mag Aerospace
  • Mercy
  • Nordam
  • OKC Philharmonic
  • Okcic
  • Oklahoma Cancer Specialist and Research Institute
  • Oklahoma City Thunder NBA
  • Oklahoma Heart Hospital
  • Omni Air International
  • Robinson Aviation
  • SAIC
  • Siemens Industry Inc.
  • Spirit Aero systems
  • Tinker Federal Credit Union
  • T Mobile
  • Tulsa Community College- Health and Science Department
  • Tulsa Housing Authority
  • Tulsa OBGYN and associates
  • Tyson
  • University of Tulsa
  • Verizon Communications
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Xerox Business SolutionsWe need your help updating our list! If you see a mistake, please email us at ATTN: Miranda with updates to remove businesses only. To add a business to this list, use the button below.

Open VAERS Data

We hope your legislators are seeing these Open VAERS data dumps. Each week, send them a brief email with the new weeks numbers. Some legislators do not know that VAERS even exists. We need to do our part to educate them and keep them updated on the numbers. Over 17 thousand deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccine have been reported as of October 22nd, 2021. As a reminder, from 1990-2020 there were 13,612 reports of death in VAERS for all vaccines combined. 

Another important new feature, OpenVAERS has added a new feature that enables you to see a complete report, each week, of COVID-19 vaccine injuries by STATE. Just put in the two-letter abbreviation for your state and it will show you a chart with 6 age brackets, 7 different adverse events, and total reports just for your state. It updates automatically each week. Search Oklahoma here. 26 deaths in Oklahoma were reported this last week, and there have been 5,862 total reports of vaccine injury for the state. Please take a moment to send this information to your legislators.

Share this with your Legislators and Employer!

Attached below is a PDF from the Lousiana Department of Health that covers information about

  • How vaccines are developed and tested.
  • How an mRNA vaccine differs from previous vaccines.
  • How the research and development process is being accelerated.
  • How fetal cell lines were used in the production of the vaccine.
  • What potential adverse reactions are possible.

We encourage you to print out this resource and share it with your legislators, or employers who are mandating the vaccine.

Petition Against Employee Mandates

OKHPR will be at OUR Oklahoma State Capitol on the first day of the special session, November 15, to turn this petition into the Governor’s office and rally for our freedom and against federal overreach! Join us by registering here.

We are calling on Governor Kevin Stitt to do the following:

1. Issue an Executive Order to protect employees from mandates at all levels immediately.

2. Add this issue to the call for Special Session in November.

3. Call on the Attorney General to begin legal action to stop federal mandates by alleviating the mandate to business owners with over 100 employees.

Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights fully believes in personal responsibility and health choice.

If you wish to get more information on the work of protecting health choice, parental rights, medical privacy, and informed consent, we invite you to join us as an official OKHPR member at for weekly parental rights and health freedom updates!

No personal information from this petition will be shared or sold.

Follow our Facebook page and join our action group to stay up to date on health freedom news in Oklahoma

Together We Stand Capitol Day and Rally, Special Session, November 15, 2021, 10:30 – 5 PM

Together We Stand Capitol Day and Rally, Special Session, November 15, 2021, 10:30 – 5 PM

The Oklahoma Legislature is scheduled to begin a special session on November 15th and we must

STAND TOGETHER against all mandates that violate bodily autonomy. This is also a WALKOUT DAY TO BOYCOTT these mandates for all students and employees. Make plans to make your voices heard at this all day, come and go event! Register for the November 15th Freedom Rally using the button below!

Schedule of Events:

10:30 AM – Registration Begins and Senate District Meet Ups -Second Floor Rotunda

11:30 – Lunch! Pack a sack lunch or visit the Health Nut Cafe (Basement Level)

12:00 PM – Rally (Speakers -TBA) – 2nd Floor Rotunda

1 PM – 5 PM – Legislator Meetings -1-5 pm

Shirts are available by donation for pick up only, they must be ordered by October 29th at noon.

Order your OKHPR gear here. Each donation receives a sign or button while supplies last (one per family).


If this is your first time joining us at the State Capitol, please check our Capitol Day FAQ here. This page will answer the most common questions like where do I park and what should I wear.


Also, make sure you have signed the petition against employee mandates. We will be turning in the signatures to the Governor’s office during the rally! This petition calls on Governor Kevin Stitt to do the following:

1. Issue an Executive Order to protect employees from mandates at all levels immediately.

2. Add this issue to the call for Special Session in November.

3. Call on the Attorney General to begin legal action to stop federal mandates by alleviating the mandate to business owners with over 100 employees.


Speakers Needed

OKHPR is looking for eloquent and bold public speakers for our Stand Together Rally. Have you lost your job, experienced a vaccine injury, or are you a whistleblower who wants to share their story during the rally portion of Capitol Day? Please record a 3-5 minute video introducing yourself and giving a sample of your speech or story and email it to

Dr. Peter McCullough In Oklahoma

Many OKHPR members attended the event with Dr. Peter McCullough earlier this week. Dr. McCullough is an internist and cardiologist in academic practice in Dallas, Texas. Since the outset of the pandemic, he has been a leader in the medical response to the Covid-19 disaster. At this event, Dr. McCullough spoke about early Covid-19 treatment, and vaccine safety and efficacy. In case you missed it, it was live-streamed by Representative Wendi Stearman. The full video can be found here. Dr. McCullough has also provided all of the slides he presented during his speech. All of the slides can be found here.