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The OKHPR voting guide covers all legislative candidates but not all of the county-wide and judicial races.

Endorsed County Candidates

In addition, The following county-wide candidates have filled out a survey

La Tonya N. WilliamsOklahoma County Commissioner District No. 1 – A Survey Score

Shane Tomlinson – Atoka County Commissioner District 3 – B Survey Score

Margie Alfonso –  Tulsa County Commissioner District 3 – A Survey Score

Tom Manske – Canadian county Commissioner District 1 – A Survey Score

John O’Brien – Comanche County Commissioner, District 1 – B Survey Score

Bob Jack – Tulsa County Commissioner District 3 – B Survey Score

The following county-wide and judicial candidates have been recommended to us but did not fill out an OKHPR-PAC survey

Nikki Kirkpatrick – Oklahoma County District Judge District 7

Ron Boyer – Bryan County Commissioner District 1

Robert Maverick – Canadian County Commissioner District 3

Josh Powers – Comanche County Commissioner District 1

Dillion Berry – Dewey County Commissioner District 1

Deana Morrison – LeFlore County Assessor

Monty Piearcy – Logan County Commissioner District 1

Cardea Blue – Logan County Commissioner District 3

Erik Zoellner – Okmulgee County Commissioner District 1

Gaylon Freeman –  LeFlore County Asses

Dwayne Moffett – Mayes County Treasurer

James Beck – Delaware County Sherriff

Judge Amy Palumbo – District 7 Office 3

Judge David Hale – Latimer County Associate Judge

Neil West – District 5, Office 3 – Comanche, Stephens & Cotton County

Kevin Gray – District 14, Office 12 – Tulsa County

Joe Dobry – District 23, Office 1 – Lincoln & Pottawatomie Counties

Steven Young – Associate District Judge – Grant County

Richard Kirby – Associate District Judge – Oklahoma County

Sue Nigh – Associate District Judge – Rogers County

Steve Money – Associate District Judge – Wagoner County

James Siderias – District Judge-District 7, Office 14


OKHPR supports a YES vote on the jail bond for Oklahoma county. We need a new jail to avoid a very expensive federal takeover. The bond will NOT raise taxes. 

Use the OK Voter Portal to view your sample ballots for the June 28th primary election.

See the full list of OKHPR-PAC endorsements here.

Candidates are required to submit records of their campaign funding. You can check out your candidate’s funding here.

We ask candidates 23 questions on a variety of health choice topics, the survey questions can be viewed here.

If you are a candidate who would like to fill out a survey, please click here.

Lastly, scan and share this QR Code so others can access the OKHPR-PAC Voting Guide as well!