Mid-Session Legislator Grades

We are now midway through the legislative session of 2022 and quickly approaching the 2022 elections. Remember that each State Representative seat is up for re-election and the EVEN numbered senate district seats are up for re-election. Don’t just cast a vote for the familiar name! Educate yourself with OKHPR’s legislator score card and our voting guide. The June primary voting guide will be released in May. Make sure that you hear about it FIRST by becoming an official OKHPR member.

BEFORE CONSIDERING RUNNING FOR OFFICE, make sure you are still in your districts. The 2020 Census created the need for redistricting.  You can check the updated maps on the Okla 58th app. Download it on apple here, or android here.

Grades for the Oklahoma House of Representatives were based on the following:

  • Call for Special Session
  • HB 2335
  • SB 658
  • SB 747
  • Re-Education class
  • (-) Committee Chairs who did not hear bills lost a letter grade
  • (+) Authored & passed bills on health freedom or parental rights

Grades for the Oklahoma Senate were based on the following:

  • Special Session Call
  • SB 765
  • HB 2335
  • SB 658
  • SB747
  • SB1142
  • (-) Chairs who did not hear bills lost a letter grade
  • (+) Passed bills on health freedom or parental rights

Action Alert! Ask these Senators to Support Employee Choice!

We are adding the 7 senators to call who are up for re-election and did not sign up for the special session.
Call and email them and ask them to sign up as co-authors for SB 765 and encourage Senate Leadership to put SB765 on the Senate Floor for a vote to give employees health choices.
Senator Brenda Stanley
Senator Roger Thompson
Senator Chuck Hall
Senator Darcy Jech
Senator Brent Howard
Senator John Haste
Senator Zack Taylor

Action Alert!

Three important employee choice bills need to be heard this week (3/21-3/25)! All bills must be heard this week in the chamber of origin or they are dead. So if it’s a House Bill, it needs to be heard on House Floor and if it is a Senate Bill, then it must be heard on the Senate floor.

HB 3878
SB 1128
SB 765

Here is what we need you to do!

1. For House Bill 3878, contact your House Representative and ask them to vote YES on HB 3878. If you speak with their aide, please ask for a call back on their stance as we are updating the list below. You can find your Representative and their phone number HERE.

2. For SB 765 and SB 1128 please contact Senators Greg Treat and Greg McCortney as they decide what bills get heard on the Senate floor. Please ask that they allow these bills to have a hearing on the Senate floor and to protect Oklahoma jobs.

Senator Greg Treat

Senator Greg McCortney

Redistricting Information!

One reason for OKHPR’s success is that we sort our 20,000 members into senate district groups. This allows members to connect with others in their local area for events, elections, and targeted action alerts. Every 10 years, districts are redrawn. New district maps have been finalized and will be in effect for the 2022 June primary election.

So OKHPR is updating our senate district chats and groups now.  We want to make sure you are updated on your Senator and Representative so you are prepared to vote on June 28 or run for office. Candidate filing is April 13-15 at the Oklahoma State Capitol.
Here is what to do!
1) Please download or update your Oklahoma Legislative app.  The app has been updated with the new district maps. This is the simplest way to find your districts! Download it on apple here, or android here.
2) Click on the map and input your address.
3) Use the arrows at the top to toggle between Federal, State Senator to State Rep.
4) If you are not a member, click here to sign up as an official OKHPR member. Membership is FREE! This will also sign you up for our weekly Roar Release Emails.
If you are already an OKHPR member, find your senate district captains’ contact information here and let them know that you are now in their district. Make sure to ask that you be added to their chat or group.
5)Also text 405-251-8915 to get connected or if you need help!