OKHPR’s First Endorsement of 2022!

We are excited to roll out our first endorsement as we head toward the June 28 Primary Election.
The first one goes to Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor.
Congratulations to John O’Connor! Vote June 28!

To donate to his campaign, click here.

If you would like to pick up a yard sign for Attorney General John O’Connor you can pick one up at the following events.

Action Alert! Ask Floor Leader to Hear HB 2335.

HB 2335 is a bill that prohibits discrimination of members of the public and children who are unvaccinated. The bills language is currently being updated to include banning vaccine passports and certain mandates. This bill needs to be heard on the senate floor.

Please contact Senate Floor Leader Greg McCortney and ask that he put this bill on the Senate agenda. If you are a constituent of Senator McCortney, please add FROM YOUR CONSTITUENT to the subject line of your email and mention that you are a constituent during your phone call.

Senator Greg McCortney

Sample email:
Subject Line: Hearing for HB 2335
Senator McCortney,

I am emailing to ask that you please allow HB 2335 to be heard on the Senate floor.

Thank you for your time,
Your name
Your full address

Sample phone script:

“Hi, I am calling to ask that Senator McCortney please allow HB 2335 to be heard on the senate floor”

Action Alert! Big wins and SB 926!

On 4/14/22 Judge Don Andrews overruled a stay requested by Edmond Public School’s attorney to revert to the discriminatory COVID quarantining policies that treated students unequally based on vaccine status for the Covid-19 vaccine.

This is a BIG win for parents; however, EPS is continuing to appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, wasting more taxpayer dollars, to attempt to continue to discriminate against students based upon the health choices of their parents for a vaccine that is not required and is protected by medical privacy per SB658.

These legal battles between schools, parents, and the legislature could become less frequent if parents felt they had an opportunity to be more represented on School Boards. School Board elections are key!

OKHPR supports SB962 which would move school board elections. Many people are unaware of school board elections. More voters at the polls means more representation of our communities. We hope that you will support this measure with a yes vote.

House Speaker Charles McCall exempted 5 bills from Thursday’s deadline for bills & joint resolutions to be heard in a committee of the opposite chamber. Those bills will be heard Monday by the House Rules Committee. This includes SB 962! 
SB962 will be heard in House Rules on Monday at 1pm. Call and email the members of the committee and ask that they support SB 962. You can also meet OKHPR members at the Capitol to watch this committee meeting! Meet in room 512A at 12:30 PM. After the committee meeting we will need volunteers to help us pass out information about this bill to members of the house.
If you are a constituent of any of the listed Representatives, please mention this during your call or email. If you are not sure, check here.
Representative Mike Osburn
Representative Brian Hill
Representative Jon Echols
Representative Chris Kannady
Representative Kevin McDugle
Representative John Pfeiffer
Representative Logan Phillips
Representative Mauree Turner
Representative Emily Virgin
Representative Tammy West

Action Alert from Children’s Health Defense

An Urgent Action Alert from our friends at The Children’s Health Defense.

“Dear Friends,

The FDA is coming for our children and we need your help to stop them.

As you’ve probably heard, the FDA wants to grant Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s COVID shots for children under 5. They are scheduled to meet for April 6 and it is possible the EUA will be part of the discussion. We need to act NOW.

That’s why we also need you to help flood the FDA with emails! Please share our one-click campaign so that every FDA decision-maker gets the message that #ParentsAreWatching and that we expect them to #FollowTheScience and do their job to #ProtectOurChildren.

Your help is vital. We know where this is headed. Granting Pfizer this EUA will be the first step toward adding COVID shots to the CDC’s recommended childhood schedule and permanently removing liability for these dangerous and unnecessary products.

We hope you will join us in this united simultaneous action. Please help us amplify the voices of parents and concerned citizens by sharing on your platforms along with the hashtags #ParentsAreWatching, #ProtectTheChildren, #AllEyesOnFDA and #FollowTheScience.

Feel free to repurpose the information above or to use the sample messaging below.

Thank you in advance for helping us to protect one of our nation’s most vulnerable populations—infants and young children. Our children will thank you one day. We thank you now.


Sample Social Media Messaging

The Kids Are Alright

Healthy kids don’t need mRNA shots

Tell the FDA there’s no need to spike babies and kids with a shot that’s not safe, effective or necessary. #ParentsAreWatching #AllEyesOnFDA

Captured regulatory agencies are “doctoring” and “settling” science.

Media is “programming” the public.

But #ParentsAreWatching. We won’t let our kids become collateral damage to the next narrative variant.  #AllEyesOnFDA

Shots Fired!

It’s time to #FollowTheScience The FDA wants to fast-track Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval for the Pfizer shot for kids under 5. What’s the rush? There is no emergency. Healthy children don’t die of C*VID-19 and these shots don’t work. Only 12% efficacy after a month and nearly 45,000 reports of adverse events in children? No thanks. Tell the FDA NO on the Pfizer jab for kids under 5. #ParentsAreWatching #AllEyesOnFDA

Don’t let the FDA pull a fast(tracked) one!

The C*VID injections don’t work and Pfizer and the FDA know it. Although Pfizer’s clinical trial data is lacking, the U.S. government has already purchased millions of doses. In the meantime, the FDA hopes you won’t notice while it quietly grants an EUA for the Pfizer jab for kids under 5. Babies and kids deserve better. Tell the FDA NO on the Pfizer jab for kids under 5. #ParentsAreWatching

No Vaccination Without Representation.

The FDA wants to grant Emergency Use Authorization for Pfizer’s shot for kids under 5. Why?

There is no emergency for kids.

There is no sufficient data that it works.

There is growing evidence that these shots will seriously harm and even kill some children. Close to 100 kids are already dead after being injected according to VAERS.

We don’t need any more. Tell the FDA NO on the Pfizer jab for kids under 5. #ParentsAreWatching #AllEyesOnFDA”

Action Alert!

Action Alert! We need everyone to contact select legislators about TWO bills!

Action Alert #1!

Call the House Public Health Committe Chair and Vice Chair and ask that they hear SB 1225. This bill ensures that schools and doctors cannot administer certain medicines/drugs without parental consent. At the height of parental involvement, lawmakers should be finding ways to empower the parent/child relationship, not hinder it, and not allow children to get medicine/drugs or devices that can also cause harm without parental consent. It has come to our attention that the OBGYN Association is lobbying lawmakers and telling them that some homes are unsafe to share information about medications, specifically oral contraceptives and devices.


Representative Cynthia Roe
(405) 557-7365

Representative Toni Hasenbeck
(405) 557-7305

Call Script:
“I am calling to ask that Representative _______ please hear SB 1225 in the Public Health Committee. Thank you.”

Tip: If you are a constituent, make sure to mention that as well! If you are not sure, check here.



Representative Cynthia Roe

Representative Toni Hasenbeck

Sample Email Script:
Subject line: Hearing for SB 1225″ (if you are a constituent, make sure to add “FROM YOUR CONSTITUENT” to your subject line!)
 Representative _________
I am emailing to ask that you allow SB 1225 to be heard in the public health committee. For the health and safety of minors, parents should always be required to provide consent before a child is given a medicine or drug. Thank you,
Full Address

Action Alert #2!

Call the Senate Education Committee and ask that they vote YES on HB 4014. This bill ensures that parents can have access to records of their children in school and public libraries. Thanks to your calls, this bill was added to the agenda!

Senator Adam Pugh

Senator Dewayne Pemberton

Senator Nathan Dahm

Senator Tom Dugger

Senator Jake Merrick

Senator Joe Newhouse

Senator Marty Quinn

Senator Brenda Stanley

Senator Blake Stephens

Senator Zack Taylor

Call Script:
“I am calling to ask that Representative _______ please hear HB 4014 in the Education Committee. Thank you.”

Tip: If you are a constituent, make sure to mention that as well! If you are not sure, check here.

If not you, then who?

There are only a few days left before candidate filing! There are a number of legislators who need a strong conservative candidate to run against them. Any legislator who scored a poor mid-session grade should have an opponent! Candidate filing for the June 28th election takes place April 13th-April 15th. For more information on candidate filing, and to download the filing packet click here. If you have any questions about becoming a candidate, contact us at info@okhpr.com!

True to our promise, we have found a freedom-loving candidate to run against each of these who did not support a Special Session to prevent healthcare workers and others from being fired before Christmas.

Do you live in the following districts? These candidates need a strong opponent who advocates for health and parental rights! 

BEFORE CONSIDERING RUNNING FOR OFFICE, make sure you are still in your districts. The 2020 Census created the need for redistricting.  You can check the updated maps on the Okla 58th app. Download it on apple here, or android here.

Senate District 8

Senator Roger Thompson chose not to sign on to the call for special session.

Senate District 20

Senator Chuck Hall chose not to sign on to the call for special session.

Senate District 30

Senator Brenda Stanley chose not to sign on to the call for special session.

Senate District 36

Senator John Haste chose not to sign on to the call for special session.

Senate District 38

Senator Brent Howard chose not to sign on to the call for special session.

House District 85

Representative Cyndi Munson chose not to sign on to the call for special session and has an F rating from OKHPR for her voting record.