2022 OKHPR-PAC Primary Endorsement WINS!

Primary Wins – these candidates advance to the November Election or August 23 Runoff!

Congratulations to the OKHPR Endorsed and A-rated Candidates who won their election OR moved on to the August 23rd runoff election!

In order to vote in the runoff election, you have only ONE MONTH to register to vote or get people registered, and ONLY REGISTERED REPUBLICANS CAN VOTE IN THESE ENDORSED RACES.

The following endorsements WON their primary election and do NOT face a runoff.

Endorsed State Wide Candidate WINS

Endorsed Oklahoma State Senate Candidate WINS


Endorsed State House Candidate WINS


Endorsed County Wide Candidate WINS

The following candidates are advancing to a runoff election and NEED YOUR HELP! We expect dark money and OSMA to come in hard! As reported by Oklahoma Watch, the Oklahoma State Medical Association spent more money than any other Oklahoma organization on independent expenditures. Spending more than $814,000 on a variety of legislative races.

While we could feel defeated, we need to use this to motivate ourselves to volunteer and donate. We have beat OSMA before, but we had a literal army of fired up mama bears! Many of our members seem to have gotten complacent. Speaking face to face with people as a grassroots volunteer beats mailers and ads nearly EVERY TIME! But we have to have the manpower and money to get it done. We have spent more than half of our war chest and need to replenish it to fight against far-left candidates who want to mask, test, and segregate us and our children in the name of public health.


Text us at 405-251-8915 to sign up for text alerts, the runoff voting guide, and election updates.

More information on the runoff election, including your sample ballot can be found on the Oklahoma Voter Portal website.

Endorsed State Wide Runoff Candidates


Endorsed Oklahoma State Senate Runoff Candidates


Endorsed State House Runoff Candidates

Endorsed County Wide Runoff Candidates


Thank you to all of the members who have donated and volunteered for the June Primary!

2022 Primary Voting Guide!

Official OKHPR members get the first look at the OKHPR-PAC voting guide! OKHPR is proud to endorse 38 candidates for legislative office, 8 county commissioners, and 1 candidate for district attorney.

Check back on the voting guide in case new scores are added. We also recommend taking screenshots because our website has been attacked in the past during voting season! 

Our volunteers graded over 130 surveys and conducted nearly 40 interviews to formulate the guide. Please donate to the PAC or Foundation if you appreciate this resource and would like to help us to continue this work!

2022 OKHPR-PAC Primary Race Endorsements

We are proud to announce 41 candidates who have received our official OKHPR PAC endorsement. In addition to these, there were many more who scored A ratings but if multiple people in a race were equally matched, we did not endorse. We received hundreds of surveys and hundreds of requests for endorsements.

Our official voting guide has been published here! In the voting guide, you will find survey grades and voting records that helped us determine endorsements. Many are also worthy of your vote and some are not! We are urging CAUTION on those.

Endorsed United States Senate Candidates

Endorsed United States Congress Candidates

Endorsed State Wide Candidates

Endorsed Oklahoma State Senate Candidates


Endorsed State House Candidates


Endorsed County Wide Candidates

OKHPR-PAC has endorsed Governor Kevin Stitt for a second term!

Congratulations to Governor Kevin Stitt for receiving the mama and papa bear stamp of approval! The decision to endorse Governor Kevin Stitt was based upon the following factors.
  1. Governor Stitt’s A+ voting record. A voting record carries significant weight. Any candidate can say they are a freedom fighter, but it takes guts to actually vote like one! Governor Stitt has signed all OKHPR-PAC supported measures that have been brought to his desk.
  2. Governor Stitt used his power as Governor to protect parents from having to take a re-education class with the Oklahoma State Health Department when applying for a vaccine exemption. Without Governor Stitt unelected bureaucrats would be using their unchecked power to limit parental rights. If you don’t remember or were not a part of OKHPR back then, you can read about how Governor Stitt protected parents here.
  3. Governor Stitt was ready to call a special session to address employee mandate issues in 2021. It was the Oklahoma State Senators who would not get on board. Oklahoma lacked the signature of 12 Senators in order to call a special session. Find out if your Senator supported a special session here.
  4. Governor Stitt’s A survey score. Read through the OKHPR-PAC survey questions here.
  5. The majority of official OKHPR members voted to endorse Governor Stitt.
  6. Governor Stitt is the most viable candidate for Governor.
    – “Sooner Poll released results on May 20 and their independent findings show:
    “Stitt dominates in the Republican Primary for Governor”. Primary results show stability in Gov. Stitt’s numbers but declining support for Sherwood
    – Stitt: 66.7%
    – Sherwood: 4.6%
    – Joel Kinstel: 3.5%
    – Moira McCabe: 1.2%
    – Undecided 24.1%- Overall, Governor Stitt’s job approval rating is at 77.7% among primary voters.
    – According to American Viewpoint, “even after facing nearly $10 million in attack ads, Governor Stitt is in a commanding position in the primary”. Read their full findings here.
  7. Trump endorsed Governor Stitt is the best option to beat F-rated Joy Hoffmeister, who will likely be the Democratic nominee for Governor.

Questions on the 2022 OKHPR-PAC Candidate Survey

Many members have asked what questions are on the 2022 candidate survey. We ask candidates 23 questions on a variety of health choice topics. Candidate answers are confidential to protect the integrity of campaigns. However, we can publish the survey questions for members to view.

Grading is done by a 10 member team of volunteers. Each volunteer gives the candidate a numerical grade based on their answers. These grades are then averaged out to give the candidate a final percentage grade. If the candidate has a voting record due to holding office previously, their voting record grade will factor into their overall survey grade. To receive an OKHPR-PAC endorsement, the OKHPR-PAC board weighs multiple factors. The candidate must receive an A survey grade and have an A voting record (if one is available.) The board also weighs candidate viability, door knocking, financial contributions, and polling results when making endorsement decisions.

Policy Questions

Parental Rights

1. Do you believe vaccines given at birth (Hepatitis B) should be an opt in rather than the current standard of opt out?

  • Opt in
  • Opt out
  • Other

2. Do you support adding new vaccines to the Oklahoma state school schedule to match those that are recommended by the CDC?

  • Yes, the CDC should direct Oklahoma in all public health policy.
  • No, this is a state by state issue and each state legislature should decide and each state’s health department should be directed by the Legislature.
  • Other

3. There are books found in school libraries with sexual or pornographic pictures and/or text that parents do not know about. Do you favor banning these books?

  • Ban books with sexually explicit information because parents are not there to approve the books.
  • Free speech. We should never ban books.
  • Other

4. Should parents be able to have access to the public and school library records of their minor children?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other

5. What is your opinion on Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill? (This bill is commonly referred to as the “don’t say gay bill”.)

Informed Consent

6. Do you support requiring that health care providers give a list of vaccine ingredients to parents or patients prior to vaccination?

  • Yes, that is informed consent.
  • The current VIS form is sufficient.
  • Other

7. There is currently no method in the state of Oklahoma for health care practitioners or patients to report adverse reactions to vaccines outside of a federal system. Would you support an automated reporting and tracking system for injuries and deaths from vaccinations that is specific to Oklahoma only? For an example of this type of legislation please see SB 1840: https://legiscan.com/OK/text/SB1850/2020

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other

Health Choice

8. In 2021, (SB 658) was signed into law, requiring schools to give exemption or opt-out information along with vaccine requirements. Many are not complying and telling parents that kids can’t attend school. Do you think there should be consequences for schools who do not publish opt-out information?

  • Yes-there should consequences
  • No-there should not be consequences
  • Other

9. Do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE private venues or businesses requiring vaccine passports or identification cards to enter or attend?

  • Support
  • Oppose
  • Other

10. If an employer adds new vaccine requirements to an already existing employment prerequisite/vaccine list from time of hire, and the employee refuses the new vaccine, should the business owner have the right to fire that employee over a new vaccine policy?

  • I favor businesses but believe that employees should be able to decide if they want to take a vaccine.
  • I favor business owners having the right to direct what workplace policies are put in place for their business.
  • Other

11. Oklahoma workers exempt from Covid-19 vaccine mandates are still facing corporate mandates for frequent testing, workplace segregation & wearing identifiers that make private health choices visible to the public. Would you support adding protections for employees who want to keep their medical choices private?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other

12. If an employer mandates a vaccine as a condition of employment, and the employee has adverse reactions, there is currently no one who can be held legally liable for the medical expenses. Would you support state law to hold employers responsible for workers’ injury or death beyond?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Workers compensation should be sufficient
  • Other

13. Where do you stand on mask mandates? (Please check all that apply)

  • In a state of emergency, it is appropriate to issue a mask mandate for state, city, and schools
  • I believe that private businesses have the right to mandate masks
  • I do not support government issued mask mandates
  • Other

14. What levels of government incentives do you feel are appropriate to persuade citizens to wear masks, take a vaccine or other health measures?

  • No government dollars should be spent on incentives. This is a personal choice
  • Free food
  • Free electronics (TV, or iPhone, etc)
  • Chance to win lottery

15. What levels of government incentives do you feel are appropriate to persuade citizens to exercise, or eat healthy?

  • No government dollars should be spent on incentives. This is a personal choice
  • Free food
  • Free electronics (TV, or iPhone, etc)
  • Chance to win lottery

Medical Privacy

16. Do you support government data collection of medical information and its use being able to prevent individuals from participating in or obtaining government services?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other


17. SB658 banned masks and covid-19 vaccines in schools. Should the state legislature have the power to determine school policies, such as mask wearing, vaccinations, or transgender students in sports or bathrooms?

  • Yes, the Legislature has full authority to step in.
  • No, leave school boards and superintendents to form their own policy.
  • Other

18. Do you support free speech on social media of those who question health policy from the CDC and FDA? For example, questioning of mask and vaccine mandate has been referred to by some as dangerous.

19. I support the use of medical marijuana to treat various conditions in consultation with a health care practitioner.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other

20. I support small cell wireless technology towers (5G towers) being placed near or on school grounds and near residential homes.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other

21. Do you support aborted fetal tissue research which may help with the development of future medicines and vaccines?  Or do you support a ban on aborted fetal tissue research?

  • I support aborted fetal tissue research
  • I support a BAN on aborted fetal tissue research
  • Other

22. Sewage sludge (aka Humanure / Biosolids) is currently being promoted as a free fertilizer for Oklahoma farms, ranches, and home gardeners. Which of the following would you support?

  • Create a ban on land application of biosolids.
  • An interim study on the risks of biosolids.
  • None of the above, I support the continued dumping of Sewage sludge (aka Humanure / Biosolids) on farmers to save money rather than implementing a new system.
  • Other

23. The Supremacy Clause, found in Article VI, Clause 2 of the US Constitution, can best be described by which of the following statements?

  • The Supremacy Clause declares that the federal government is superior to state governments
  • The Supremacy Clause states that all federal laws are superior to state laws
  • The Supremacy Clause empowers the Supreme Court to be the final arbiters of all Constitutional questions
  • The Supremacy Clause states that the Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land