SB 613 Signed by Governor Kevin Stitt!

On Wednesday evening, the Oklahoma House passed SB 613, a bill that would prohibit gender transition services for minors in the state. The measure also stipulates that medical providers could face legal consequences if they provide such services, which include surgeries and hormone treatments. While considering the legislation, Representative Mauree Turner suggested the following floor amendment, which failed.

Sue a legislator if someone dies? Would this same line of thinking be argued for vaccine and mask legislation?? Let us remind you of the most recent number of reported deaths and hospitalizations after a Covid-19 Vaccine.

On Monday May 1st, Governor Kevin Stitt signed the legislation into law. Because of an emergency clause, this bill has gone into effect immediately. 

Some Oklahoma democrats, who notoriously voted in favor of taking away parents rights to a vaccine exemption for school attendance, are now claiming that bills like SB 613 are an infringement on parental rights. OKHPR disagrees! Simply put, comparing these two procedures is comparing apples and oranges. A parent can choose to have their child receive a dose of a vaccine at any time, but gender transition treatments are risky, irreversible, and the physical and mental effects of these treatments are still largely unknown. The Highwire released an episode on Thursday called “Lost in Trans Nation” speaking on this issue. We urge you to take a listen to hear about the safety (or lack there of) of hormone therapy for children.