Under the leadership of OKHPR, Oklahoma has become a model state that displays comprehensive offensive and defensive strategies in the protection of parental rights and health choice for all Oklahomans. OKHPR is committed to keeping Oklahoma as one of the top ten states for parental rights in the country.

Accomplishments to date

First state in the United States to write and overwhelmingly pass any bill directly addressing informed consent in the area of vaccinations. HB 3016 has become a piece of model legislation run in at least ten states to date.

Not one single vaccine mandate bill has passed since OKHPR began!

OKHPR had 101 primary wins from endorsed candidates.
Defeated 18 candidates who opposed parental rights and health choice, including former Senator Ervin Yen. He became the first incumbent Senator to lose his seat since 2002.

Although OKHPR worked with many organizations, the recruitment of a candidate and the contribution to the campaign was led by OKHPR. Many Oklahoma politicos have been quoted as saying it was the, “most profound grassroots campaign in Oklahoma’s history”.

Oklahoma was the ONLY state to get a protective parental rights bill signed into law in 2019. Governor Kevin J. Stitt signed HB 2339 into law on May 28, 2019. This bill requires prior written consent before a student receives any vaccine on school property.

OKHPR stopped a proposed rule by the Oklahoma State Department of Health that would have added new vaccines to the school schedule by putting us under the guidelines of the very liberal and pharmaceutically conflicted Advisory Council of Immunization Practices.

One of the aspects of long term planning is the new addition of a 501c3 Foundation to work alongside the political action committee in 2019. This organization was kicked off by a, “On the Road, Vaccine Safety Project” presentation hosted by many county organizations state-wide. The goal of the foundation is to bring education and support to every Oklahoma county.

We welcome all families and all health choices to help us continue this great wor of protecting parental choices and bodily autonomy.

Your donations and membership are necessary for both arms of our organization. Please join us for free!