Action Alert! Big wins and SB 926!

On 4/14/22 Judge Don Andrews overruled a stay requested by Edmond Public School’s attorney to revert to the discriminatory COVID quarantining policies that treated students unequally based on vaccine status for the Covid-19 vaccine.

This is a BIG win for parents; however, EPS is continuing to appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, wasting more taxpayer dollars, to attempt to continue to discriminate against students based upon the health choices of their parents for a vaccine that is not required and is protected by medical privacy per SB658.

These legal battles between schools, parents, and the legislature could become less frequent if parents felt they had an opportunity to be more represented on School Boards. School Board elections are key!

OKHPR supports SB962 which would move school board elections. Many people are unaware of school board elections. More voters at the polls means more representation of our communities. We hope that you will support this measure with a yes vote.

House Speaker Charles McCall exempted 5 bills from Thursday’s deadline for bills & joint resolutions to be heard in a committee of the opposite chamber. Those bills will be heard Monday by the House Rules Committee. This includes SB 962! 
SB962 will be heard in House Rules on Monday at 1pm. Call and email the members of the committee and ask that they support SB 962. You can also meet OKHPR members at the Capitol to watch this committee meeting! Meet in room 512A at 12:30 PM. After the committee meeting we will need volunteers to help us pass out information about this bill to members of the house.
If you are a constituent of any of the listed Representatives, please mention this during your call or email. If you are not sure, check here.
Representative Mike Osburn
Representative Brian Hill
Representative Jon Echols
Representative Chris Kannady
Representative Kevin McDugle
Representative John Pfeiffer
Representative Logan Phillips
Representative Mauree Turner
Representative Emily Virgin
Representative Tammy West