Action Alert! Support SB 1128

On Thursday 2/24/2022 at 10 AM, SB 1128 will be heard in the Senate Business, Commerce and Tourism committee. This important bill is authored by Senator Bullard and would prohibit employers and contractors from mandating a vaccination. We need everyone to email AND call the members of the committee TODAY! We have included a sample email, but please add in your personal stories of how mandates have affected your career and make your email unique. Additionally, you can join us at the committee meeting on Thursday in room 535 at 10 AM, or watch it live here.

Senator James Leewright

Senator Bill Coleman

Senator Micheal Bergstrom

Senator George Burns

Senator Nathan Dahm

Senator Jessica Garvin

Senator Joe Newhouse

Senator Lonnie Paxton

Senator Adam Pugh

Senator Cody Rogers

Sample Phone Call:
“I am calling to to ask that Senator ____ vote YES on SB 1128”
If you are a constituent, say “I am a constituent and I am calling to to ask that Senator ____ vote YES on SB 1128”

Sample Email:

Subject Line: YES on SB 1128 (If one of the senators is YOUR senator, make sure to add “FROM YOUR CONSTITUENT” to the subject line. If you are not sure who your senator is, look it up here.)

Dear Senator _______,

I am emailing to ask that you vote yes on SB 1128. This bill is vitally important to the thousands of Oklahomans who have been fired or will be fired in the next few months due to overreaching vaccine mandates. Small government starts with the individual. A vaccine cannot be taken off at the end of the day like a hard hat or gloves.

(If you or a loved one has a personal story of a mandate, please add it here!)

Thank you for your time,


Copy and paste these addresses for emails. However, if your senator is on this committee please email them SEPERATELY and include that you are a constituent!,,,,,,,,,