The Mama and Papa Bears do it A-Yen and Again!

OKHPR had 98% wins in Senate which was our FOCUS!

The only two senate races that OKHPR-PAC endorsed candidates lost were Wendi Stearman and Cody Rogers. Senator Rogers has contested that vote, as it was won by less than 100 votes. Stay tuned for an update on that election that later!

The big news was that both F-rated Jessica Garvin and Greg McCortney seen in this video here were unseated. Read more about these two races here.

In the House, John Talley was unseated by Molly Jenkins and many other new candidates came very close. Both Jim Shaw and Dr. Julie McIntosh came close to unseating Rep. Kevin Wallace and Blake Stephens respectively. See all election results here.

The August 27th Runoff Election will determine who the next leader of the Senate is! It is that close! We will be donating to most of the runoff elections, and we have spent one-third of our budget on the primary election. Can you chip in $27 to get the runoff endorsements to beat the swamp again? Please help us restock and consider becoming a monthly recurring donor too!

Rest In Peace Dr. Jim Meehan

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that we lost a beloved warrior, Oklahoma’s own Dr. Jim Meehan has passed. We want to encourage you to send a gift to help his wife Cathy and their 5 children.

Dr. Meehan was one of the only doctors that stood by all the moms in the medical freedom world. He didn’t care what you called him, or had to say….He took an oath to first do no harm and he stood by it. He single handedly fought the medical mafia and we know for a fact that Oklahoma is better for it.

He loved to speak truth & besides being brilliant, he was also a beautiful writer. Below you will find his last speech that Liza Greve read for him at a recent rally at the State Capitol. We will miss him! We ask you to join us to carry on this work and be brave just like he was!

From the family of Jim Meehan MD


Jim Meehan was a righteous man. Not because he always got it right or he never got it wrong. He was a righteous man because every time he fell, he rose again and did his best to make things right.

”for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again…” Proverbs 24:16 NIV

On June 15, 2024 at 4:40am Jim Meehan fell for the last time in his fight against cancer, but he rose again in eternity.

Yes, we are grieving, but we are also grateful for the man he was, the life he lived, and the battles he fought for us and so many others.

Yes, cancer sucks, but God is good and the evidence of His kindness and faithfulness to us has been overwhelming.

Yes, there was more Jim wanted to accomplish before he left the earth, but the culmination of his greatest work, a family that loves each other and sticks together no matter what, was right there with him on his last day.

Because of that, we can say with confidence that Jim Meehan “fought the good fight… finished the race… kept the faith.“ 2 Timothy 4:7 NIV

He was a righteous man, a beloved husband of 34 years, a remarkable dad to 5 children and the ultimate G’pa to 7 beautiful grandchildren. We will be celebrating his life at 6:30pm on Friday, June 28th at Life.Church South Tulsa and we would love for you to join us.

Celebration of Life for Dr. Jim Meehan
Friday June 28th at 6:30pm
Life.Church, South Tulsa
7071 E 121st Street South

Bixby, Oklahoma 74008

If you would like to send/share a memory for the celebration of life service, please send photos and/or messages to If you would prefer mailing, please send to 7134 South Yale Ave Suite 430 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136.

If you feel led, please consider a donation.

We Do Not Want Another Purge 2.0!

What is the Purge, you ask? In 2018 while we were busy being laser focused on one race and successfully unseated the bane of our existence, Sen. Ervin Yen, a great purge of conservative house members ALSO occurred.

Did Rep. Kannaday act alone? Of course not! However, for now we will focus on some consistent patterns. Here is his current donor list and you can see how it differs greatly from our endorsed list.

Chris Kannaday Donations 


There are various ways to help a political candidate. Some of the ways shown above are direct donations but then there is also something called dark money. Dark money cannot be traced to it’s original donors. These groups DO NOT have to report their funding to the state like our PAC does. They ONLY have to report total money spent supporting opposing candidates. Here is an example of a recent dark money group, American Energy Action, which is allegedly funded by the wind turbine industry. We use this as an example to follow patterns. What really caught our eye is that they are also supporting three Democrats. Candidates listed here are not aware of these donations because the money goes to vendors for or against them and not directly to them. OKHPR is supporting a handful of these A rated incumbents.

Here is an example of the American Energy Action dark money being put to use that we have already received.

WE HAVE ENDORSED RYAN EAVES OPPONENT, Troy Golden. It’s a golden opportunity to break the back if the OK swamp, let all the voters know here to vote Troy Golden, the grassroots candidate!

Here is another dark money group operating in a fake office in Shawnee and so far they have attacked A+ rated Shane Jett, Michael Bergstrom, Cody Rogers, Kendal and Denise (see below for more details) and are working to elect Kern (in Chris Kidd’s seat).

Our goal is to get voters to read the fine print on all texts, ads, mailers, etc and then research for yourself. We are happy to help and appreciate that you all trust our guidance. See our VOTE BEAR voting list below and please financially help us to continue!

There is a dark money PAC is accusing Kendal Sacchieri of a crime but they are using a different Kendal in California in their screenshot. THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL! If F-rated Jessica Garvin’s supporters will stoop to such lies, we should be very concerned to send her back to the Oklahoma State Capitol. 

The Kendal Sacchieri for State Senate account has $14,000 vs. Senator Garvin’s campaign account which had more than $400,000. Less than 1% of this money is from individuals in her district. This does not include the above dark money groups that are working on behalf of her. Please share this video from Kendal where she speaks about Senator Garvin’s own voting record.

Thank You Governor Stitt!

Oklahoma will no longer enforce mandates or recommendations from the World Health Organization under a new bill signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt.

The bill prohibits the state from enforcing guidelines from the WHO, and also applies guidelines from the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

2024 Primary OKHPR PAC Survey Results

The Primary election is coming up on Tuesday, June 18th! Below is the list of all candidates who have completed an OKHPR Political Action Committee survey and their accompanying grade. OKHPR PAC is not fully funded to complete a full voting guide as we have in the past. Instead we have listed only those that completed the survey and those who are endorsed.  If we are able to meet our goal by June, we will provide the voting guide which includes all candidates with pictures and much more detail but does require significantly more time. You can donate towards OKHPR using the button below.

Additionally here are more sheriff endorsements from our friends over at OK2A!

Still Need Voting Help?? Text Us At 405-251-8915 Or Scan The QR Code!!


Being heard on Tuesday February 27th:

OPPOSE SB 520 by Senator Pugh
This bill would take away the authority to accredit public schools from OSDE and give that responsibility to the Commission for Educational Quality and Accountability.

* ACTION ALERT*! Call and email the members of the Senate Education committee and let them know you OPPOSE this bill!

Adam Pugh (Chair – R)
(405) 521-5622

Ally Seifried (Vice Chair – R)
(405) 521-5555

Micheal Bergstrom (District 1 – R)
(405) 521-5561

Julie Daniels (District 29 – R)
(405) 521-5634

Carri Hicks (District 40 – D)
(405) 521-5543

Casey Murdock (District 27 – R )
(405) 521-5626

Dewayne Pemberton (District 9 – R)
(405) 521-5533

Lonnie Paxton (District 23 – R)
(405) 521-5537

Dave Rader (District 39 – R)
(405) 521-5620

Jo Anna Dossett (District 35 – D)
(405) 521-5624

Kristen Thompson (District 22 – R) 
(405) 521-5592

Grant Green (District 28 – R)
(405) 521-5547

Dusty Deevers (District 32 – R)
(405) 521-5567

Sample Email

Subject Line: No on SB 520 (If you are a constituent of one of these senators, please add FROM YOUR CONSTITUENT to the subject line of his or her email.)

Dear Senators,
I am writing to ask that you please vote no on SB 520.
We elected Ryan Walters in a primary, a primary runoff and a general election and now Sen. Adam Pugh wants to strip the ability to grant accreditation from Ryan Walters and the Board of Education. We are asking for the following senators to vote no. Without accreditation, there will be no teeth to hold schools accountable to support parental rights.
Thank you

Copy and paste these emails into the CC line of your email for quick and easy emailing!,,

Report SB 658 Violations to the State Department of Education!

SB 658 is an important medical choice bill for parents. it went into effect July 1st of 2021. This bill provides many protections which are detailed here, but perhaps the biggest change is that schools are now required to inform parents that vaccine exemptions are an option!

Since July 2021, OKHPR has continued to demand that all Oklahoma school districts follow this law. According to SB 658, the Oklahoma State Department of Education is supposed to ensure that EVERY school district is following this portion of the law. Thanks to our new State Superintendent, Ryan Walters, the State Department of Education is working hard to do so.

You can now report a school that is not following this law directly to the State Department of Education here.

In a recent edition of The Roar Release, we shared the names of many schools in Oklahoma that are violating state law, SB 658. After sharing that list we were able to remove a few schools that updated their website and social media due to your amazing advocacy! Unfortunately, we also received more reports of violations and have added several more schools to our list.

Is your school following the law? Click the button below to find out!

You can help us compile a more exact list by checking your local school district’s website. Click on the enrollment section and see if your school is including the required language when mentioning vaccination requirements. You can also check their social media. It is required by law that EVERY notice about vaccination requirements has the quoted language! This includes social media posts or email notices.

If your school is not following the law, please report that to us HERE so we can update our list! You can also print a sample letter explaining how the school has violated SB 658 from your membership dashboard. We recommend mailing this letter to the school, superintendent, or school board. You should also alert your State Senator and State Representative.

We need your help to make sure that this important section of state law is followed. This week we want to focus our efforts on the Oklahoma State School Board. The State Department of Education is responsible for ensuring that this law is followed by all school districts, so we must make sure they are aware! We have included sample email and phone scripts as well as contact information to make this as easy as possible!

  1. Copy and paste the following emails into the ‘bcc’ portion of your email. These are the emails for all of the members of the Oklahoma State Board of Education. You can use the following sample email as well!,,,,

Sample email:

“To whom it may concern,
I am emailing because I am a resident of _______ school district. I noticed that the school is in violation of SB 658. This law went into effect on July 2021 and it states that Schools and universities must notify parents and students that they may opt-out of vaccination mandates using legally allowed exemptions on their website and in all notices regarding vaccine requirements. The law also states that it is the State Department of Education’s job to ensure that school districts are following SB 658.

Please let me know what is being done to bring the school district into compliance with the law.

2. Second, please contact State Superintendent of Education Ryan Walters at 405-521-3301. You may use the following phone script.

“Hi I am calling because I am a resident of _______ school district. I noticed that they are in violation of SB 658 because they are not informing parents about vaccine exemptions on their website or in a notice sent out on (date). I wanted to contact your office to ensure that this is addressed.”

Lastly, share this blog and the image at the top of this page with your friends and family to spread the word that ‘No Shots, No School, Not True!”

Resources related to vaccine law can be found on the resources page of our website. Here you will find the Oklahoma vaccine exemption form (which is used for school or daycare entry), read vaccine law, and read our vaccine exemption FAQ which includes information on what facilities are required to accept a vaccine exemption, how to fill out the form, what to do if your exemption is denied, and how to report a school that is violating the law.

Republican Senators Select Greg McCortney (Ada) as Senate Pro Tem Designee- What Do We Do Now?

Despite today’s outcome, we are still winners because we have educated Oklahomans about the process of a secret leadership vote that many are not aware of. This vote today is mostly symbolic, and today’s winner (PRO TEM DESIGNEE) will get access to the Senate Campaign Funds that can be used to influence the OFFICIAL Leadership vote that will take place after this year’s elections in November. Read that again, this is NOT over yet! There are nearly a dozen Senate races (all districts with an odd number) that could still flip this Pro Tem Leadership vote, including McCortney’s own seat in Ada.
We are asking all of you to do a few things to try to change this outcome.
1. Share this video, especially with people in Ada.
2. Donate $10.00 for each Senate race that is open (120.00 or more)
3. Register to vote as a Republican (remember only Republican senators get to pick their Leader since they are in Majority)
4. Work a Senate campaign in your area or near by (coming soon).
5. Pray!
We are dedicated to heavily vetting these new candidates and we do mostly know which current senators voted for McCortney.  We are adding questions related to this leadership issue in our candidate survey as well. Please take this frustration and DO SOMETHING! We must get out of the boat, and do something new or bigger to change outcomes. One of our greatest enemies is not an individual but apathy.

Donate to & mark your calendar for these dates to remember:
April 5th  – Candidate Filing

June 18th Primary Election
These are vital to our success!
We are dedicated to staying the course. Please join us as we cannot do this alone.
Liza Greve, Executive Director,
Oklahomans for Health & Parental Rights