Oklahoma’s Largest Health & Parental Rights Group Weighs in on Upcoming Senate Pro Tempore Election To Decide The Second Most Powerful Official in the State

Oklahoma’s Largest Health & Parental Rights Group Weighs in on Upcoming Senate Pro Tempore Election To Decide The Second Most Powerful Official in the State

For Immediate Release

January 29, 2024

On February 12, 2024 Oklahoma’s Republican Senate members will select a Pro Tempore designate to lead the Senate. We have grave concerns about one of the candidates, Senator Greg McCortney and his cumulative F-rating. How could a Republican get an F-rating on issues of personal freedom? Legislators get graded down for not hearing bills if they are Chairmen, for voting incorrectly, as well as authoring bills that have a negative impact on health and parental rights. Here are some of his actions:

2018-Voted to remove the personal and religious exemptions for school children (SB1123 and SB83).

2020-Authored bill to track vaccine data of children (SB925) & force businesses to advertise vaccines (SB924)

2019-Supported forcing parents to take a re-education class if they opt out of even one single vaccine (Rule by Oklahoma State Department of Health)

2020-Voted No to prevent state government vaccine mandates (HB 2335).

2022-Stopped a bill to allow health workers and those in workforce to have the choice whether or not to take the Covid vaccine OR keep their job. (SB765).

McCortney has consistently proven to be a proponent of big government and favoring big industries over individuals. Ask your Republican State Senator NOT to support Greg McCortney for Senate Pro Tempore designate on February 12, 2024. With our federal government and national security in turmoil, Oklahoma cannot afford to have leaders who will not protect individual rights. As a voter, you have a right to be involved in asking questions about this vote process as you elect your senator to not just vote how they say they will on the campaign trail, but to be part of the solution, as well. We know the solution to many of our problems is simply poor leadership.

So far there are two others running against McCortney: David Bullard who has an A+, and Casey Murdock who has an A rating. I encourage our over 20,000 official members statewide to politely inform your state senator of this record and if your state senator agrees with McCortney then it may be time to assess their record as well.

For more information and assistance with finding your state senator, text 405-251-8915.

Liza Greve
Executive Director
Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights PAC & Foundation

Empowering Change: How Your Advocacy Changed The Oklahoma Exemption Form!

Did The Oklahoma State Department of Health hide the exemption form and purposely make it harder to fill out since exemption rates are increasing? OKHPR worked with the Governor and Health Department’s Chief of Staff to get it fixed!

The Oklahoma vaccine exemption process has changed again, this time FOR GOOD!

A few weeks ago OKHPR was made aware that the former link to find vaccine exemptions on the State Department of Health website was now gone. We made sure a copy was available on our website and then got to work to find out what was going on.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) made a number of changes to the vaccine exemption form. The biggest change was that instead of a parent turning in the exemption form into their school and then the school sending this form to the State Department of Health, parents were being told to send this form themselves to the State Department of Health who will then send it to the schools after it had been approved or denied.

This was creating obstacles for parents to turn in their exemption form and a backlog of exemptions at the Immunization Department.

OKHPR was able to make several changes to the exemption process:

  • The exemption form is now available on the OSDH website.
  • The completed exemption form may be turned in by the parent to either the school OR the Immunization Department of OSDH
  • The OSDH website now explicitly states that the child is allowed to attend school while the exemption is being processed by OSDH.
  • The exemption form no longer uses the words “denied”. Exemption forms may be returned to the school if completed incorrectly, but no child will be denied an exemption. The child may continue to attend school while the new exemption is being filled out.

Check out the newly updated exemption form here!

Support OKHPR’s impactful advocacy with your donation. Your contribution empowers communities, fuels progress, and ensures a better future for our children and grandchildren. Join us on this journey of parental rights and informed consent! Thank you for being a vital part of our mission!

Taxpayer Dollars Being Used to Push Sexual Related Agendas

Honestly OKC is a 501(c)(3) organization that is in partnership with the Oklahoma City County Health Department. On Instagram, they state that “Honestly is building a movement to improve sexual health outcomes for youth”. One way they are trying to achieve this is with the Honestly Coloring Book (pictured above) which is being distributed to children. The material I am sharing is targeting our children, and many would say, indoctrinating them into alternative lifestyles and dangerous gender changing surgeries. You can view the coloring book in it’s entirety here.

Do you support this use of your tax dollars??

Important Upcoming Elections!

Tuesday November 14th: Many counties across the state will have an election next week on November 14th. These votes span a number of topics such as propositions, bonds, city council, mayoral elections and more. Check and see if your county has an election here. You can vote early on November 9th or 10th from 8 AM – 6 PM at your local county election board.

December 12th: This election includes the general election for State Senate District 32 and the primary election for State Representative District 39.

For State Senate District 32, OKHPR has endorsed Dusty Deevers who received an A rating on his OKHPR Candidate Survey. Senate District 32 covers Commanche county, including Elgin, Fletcher, Medicine Park, Cache, Indiahoma, and parts of Lawton and Fort Sill.

This election in particular is extremely important because it has the power to flip Senate leadership! A lot of RINO’s are willing to throw this seat to the democrat because Deever’s is such a liberty minded candidate.

Check out the interview with Dusty Deevers Democrat opponent, is this who you want representing Oklahomans at the State Capitol?

We are asking for everyone to donate $32 to Dusty Deevers for District 32! if $32 is out of your budget please donate $5-$10. Every dollar counts! You can donate to Dusty Deevers online here, or mail a check to 379 NE Miller Ave Elgin, OK 73538

State Representative District 39 will also be facing an election on December 12th. House District 39 covers Oklahoma county, including parts of Edmond. We will update more about this specific race next week!

Would You Want Your Child Filling Out This Survey?

If you saw this information from your schools newsletter would this capture your attention or would it properly inform you that this survey could reveal intimate details of your personal family life? (Source: Norman Public Schools had this information included at the bottom of their newsletter. Many parents did not see this notice and many are upset that they were not properly informed about opt out options).

We reported on this two years ago and now we are seeing the real world consequences! In 2021, Oklahoma Representatives Vancuren (Owasso), Davis (Broken Arrow) and Waldron (Tulsa) of the House and Haste (Broken Arrow) of the Senate worked to pass a law that mandates most public schools provide students with a survey regarding a variety of issues with a focus on alcohol, tobacco, other drug use, mental health, academic failure, and violence. This survey is being administered to public school children by the OK Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse in the name of federal funding to our children. Even though students are allowed to opt-out, many students have felt pressured and parents are unaware that it is even going on. We need to fix this and need your help! 

Check out the surveys for yourself here. Would you feel comfortable with your 6th grader filling out this survey or your 8th, 10th, and 12th grader filling out this survey without your knowledge?

If this survey is concerning to you please contact your schools principal and ask about the opt out waiver.

Upcoming School Board Elections!

Filing for the 2024 school board elections is in December 2023. Below is a list of seats up for election in the largest districts. This is not a complete list of school board openings! There are over 500 school districts in Oklahoma. If you google your local school district board, you should be able to tell which terms are expiring in 2024.

Local school board races are critical since school boards set many of the policies for local schools and select curriculum. If you have followed your local school board member’s votes and are concerned about the direction of policies, please consider running for school board. If your local school board member is doing a great job, please let him or her know. Being on the school board can be challenging as well as rewarding.

The 2024 school board candidate filing packet is available here.

Resolution Due November 17, 2023
Statutory Filing December 4-6, 2023
Primary February 13, 2024
General April 2, 2024


District 2, Diamond Marshall, registered Democrat. Appointed in March 2023.

District 5, John Croisant, registered Democrat. Won 6097 – 5530 in 2020.

District 6, Jerry Griffin, registered Republican. Won 3302 – 3272 in 2020. Griffin is not planning to run for re-election in 2024.

Board of Education – Independent School District No. 1 of Tulsa County, (tulsaschools.org)

Map of districts here.


District 3, Cary Pirrong, registered Democrat. Appointed 2022.

District 4, Mark Mann, registered Democrat. Had no opponent in 2020. Mann is currently running for State Senate 46.

Board of Education / Board Members (okcps.org)

Map of districts here.


District 4, Cynthia Benson, registered Republican. Won 216-160 in 2014. No opponent in 2019.

Board of Education | Edmond Public Schools (edmondschools.net)

Map of districts here.


District 4, Staci Pruett, registered Republican. Won 52.9% in 2019 (471-183-156-81 four candidates).

Board of Education – Moore Public Schools (mooreschools.com)

Map of districts here.


Zone 4, Brandy Roulet, registered Independent. Won 714-471 in 2019.

Broken Arrow Public Schools – Board of Education (baschools.org)

Map of districts here.


Office 4, Chad Vice, registered Republican. Won 2200 – 1937 in 2019.

Board of Education / Board of Education Members (normanpublicschools.org)

Map of districts here.


Office 4, Charity Avery, registered Republican. No opponent in 2019.

Meet Our Board of Education | Putnam City Schools

Map of districts here.


Other Districts:

Asher Public School I-112 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Bethel Public School I-3 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Dale Public School I-2 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Earlsboro Public School I-5 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Grove Public School C-27 Office #3 Three (3) Year Term

Macomb Public School I-4 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Maud Public School I-117 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

McLoud Public School I-1 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

North Rock Creek School I-10 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Pleasant Grove School C-29 Office #3 Three (3) Year Term

Shawnee Schools I-93 Office #2 & #4 Four (4) Year Term

South Rock Creek C-32 Office #3 Three (3) Year Term

Tecumseh School I-92 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Wanette School I-11 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Harrah School I-7 Office #4 Four (4) Year Term

Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Konawa School I-4 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Little Axe School I-70 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Office #2 Three (3) Year Term

Meeker School I-95 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Prague School I-103 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Strother School I-1 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Eastern OK TC-23 Office #5 Five (5) Year Term

Mid America TC-8 Office #5 Five (5) Year Term

Gordon Cooper TC-5 Office #1 Five (5) Year Term


Recently, OKHPR was made aware that the former link to find vaccine exemptions on the State Department of Health website was now gone. We made sure a copy was available on our website and then got to work to find out what was going on.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has made a number of changes to the vaccine exemption form. The biggest change is that now, instead of a parent turning in the exemption form into their school and then the school sending this form to the State Department of Health, parents are being told to send this form themselves to the State Department of Health who will then send it to the schools after it has been approved or denied.

Above is a copy of the 2nd page of the exemption form from 2016. To view page one full screen, please click here. to view page two full screen, please click here.

Above is a copy of the 2nd page of the newly updated 2023 exemption form. To view this form full screen, please click here.

Additionally, we recently found out that the Immunization Department had a backlog of exemptions and as a result one school in eastern Oklahoma did not get approval for two students so they DID NOT allow those students to attend and thus the students were suspended due to excessive absences. We are calling on Governor Stitt, who is head of this agency and the Oklahoma Legislature to take action on the exemption process which has been a part of state law since 1970.

Contact Governor Stitt and your State Legislators to ensure they are aware of these problems! Ask Governor Stitt and your State Legislator to go back to the more streamlined process of parents turning in the exemption to schools, and school submitting it to the Oklahoma Department of Health and allow students to attend school while awaiting “approval”.

OKHPR has already begun working on legislation ideas to streamline this process and make it nondiscriminatory. Make sure you are paying attention to future OKHPR newsletters and are signed up to receive OKHPR text alerts by texting #S(your district number) to 405-251-8915. For example, if you live in senate district 3 you would text #S3.

Fact Check: Oklahoma Least Vaccinated State in the Region?

Earlier this week The Oklahoman published an article claiming that Oklahoma Kindergarteners are the least vaccinated in the region. We would like to take time to address some of the claims made in the article.

  • In Oklahoma, a parent must file a vaccine exemption to exempt from even one dose of one of the required vaccines for daycare or school.
  • There are currently 26 doses of 9 vaccines that are required in Oklahoma for daycare or school entry. Parents may choose to skip a single dose of a vaccine for a variety of reasons. For example, parents may file for a religious vaccine exemption to exempt out of vaccines that are created using aborted fetal cells. Some parents may choose to exempt their child from vaccination for certain diseases that are seen as common childhood illnesses, such as Varicella (aka Chickenpox) or diseases that children have a low risk of transmitting such as Hepatitis B which is primarily spread through IV drug use and unprotected sex.
  • This detailed information about which vaccines and how many doses a parent is exempting from is not available to us when simply looking at exemption rates as a whole. It is absolutely incorrect to assume exemption rates are the same as vaccination rates.

We also wish the author, Mr. Monies, would have reached out to us as he has in the past.

KFOR decided to write a follow up report and they DID reach out to OKHPR.

“The devil is in the details. That doesn’t mean they’re unvaccinated. That just means that they filed an exemption and they have not taken one of the doses of the many,” said Liza Greve, executive director for Oklahomans for Health & Parental Rights.

Liza Greve with Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights said more parents are picking and choosing what vaccines their children receive.”

Read the full report from KFOR here.

The original article from The Oklahoman does mention recent court decisions that forced Mississippi to now offer a religious exemption stating, “Mississippi has had one of the South’s lowest vaccination-exemption rates, but a recent federal court injunction ordered state officials to offer a religious exemption.”

This is thanks to organizations such as ICAN. 

ICAN’s attorneys, led by Aaron Siri, secured a historic and critical win, where a federal court ruled that the First Amendment requires that, by July 15, 2023, the State of Mississippi afford its residents a religious exemption for their children to attend school without one or more state mandated vaccines! Before this ruling, Mississippi was one of only six states that did not have a religious exemption for students to attend school.

ICAN is now litigating the same in both West Virginia and New York. ICAN is also funding upcoming lawsuits to secure religious exemptions in the remaining holdout states (Maine, California, and Connecticut)! This will cover every U.S. state in an attempt to secure a religious exemption from vaccination for every K-12 student across our nation like they did in Mississippi.

We need your help!

OKHPR relies on donations in order to influence Oklahoma legislation. Donate to OKHPR to help ensure Oklahoma remains FREE!

Sign Up to Share Your Story on The Vaxxed Bus!

The new Children’s Health Defense Vaxxed bus is coming to Oklahoma!

The tour features a brand new bus modeled after the beloved RV in the documentary, “Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth,” coinciding with the upcoming release of the “Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak” book in which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brian Hooker, Ph.D., investigate over 100 peer-reviewed studies analyzing the differences in health outcomes in vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations.

The Vaxxed Team called us and we are honored to host the second stop on the tour! Last visit we used the State Capitol, but this time we have asked member Saundra Traywick if the bus could park on her property, The Oklahoma Donkey Dairy! This will be a lovely Oklahoma backdrop for your stories!

Oklahoma Donkey Dairy
13150 N Peebly Rd
Luther, OK 73054

August 23rd from 9 AM – 5 PM

The Vaxxed/ Unvaxxed bus team is committed to capturing EVERY account related to vaccine injuries, deaths, or the experiences of the unvaccinated in Oklahoma. Polly Tommey will be conducting video interviews on the bus in 15-minute increments. If you have a story to share, we want to hear from you!

Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights (okhpr.com) and Children’s Health Defense will also have a table set up with information, merchandise, and the opportunity to donate.

Additionally, the bus MAY BE available on August 22nd for families in southern Oklahoma. The bus will be traveling north on I-35 coming from Dallas. Email us at info@okhpr.com if you live along this path and want to share your story. 

Events like this rely on your financial donations. Support OKHPR and our mission to bring the new bus to Oklahoma with a donation to the OKHPR Foundation.