Executive Order Signed!

You may have seen that last Friday after signing SB 658 into law, Governor Kevin Stitt issued an executive order that bans state agencies from requiring covid-19 vaccines or masks. 

Under the order “all buildings and office space, owned or leased by the State of Oklahoma and open to the public shall rescind any mandate for the wearing of masks in order to receive government services.”

The action also stated that “all state agencies are hereby prohibited from requiring a vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of admittance to any public building.”

Send a thank you to Governor Stitt for providing health freedom for state employees and all Oklahoma
citizens who use and visit those state services.

While this is an important first step, we are still requesting that the Governor sign an executive order that protects all Oklahomans from vaccine passports. Please sign and share the petition against vaccine passports using the button below.