Follow The Money!


The race for Attorney General is really starting to heat up. Gentner Drummond has a “dark money” group sending hit pieces out on John O’Connor, and O’Connor is swinging back. Watch his campaign ad here.

Genter Drummond claims that the Biden donation was from his wife, saying that ‘his wife “got mad” and made the contribution using a joint credit card but that she “immediately asked for a refund and got the money back.”‘ [Tulsa World] Update: Watch Drummond’s response to a question about his donation here.

FEC records show that Drummond also gave:

  • $1,000 to Democrat Matt Silverstein’s 2014 campaign against Jim Inhofe
  • $1,450 to Democrat John Olson’s 1st District congressional campaign in 2012 (Jim Bridenstine defeated him in the general election).
  • $2,500 to Democratic Congressman Dan Boren from 2004 to 2010.
  • $1,000 to Democrat Brad Carson’s campaign against Tom Coburn in 2004 (given after Coburn won the GOP primary)

Searching the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, one can find that Drummond has given to the following Democratic candidates since 2015:

  • $500 to Cathy Ross (challenger to GOP State Rep. Sean Roberts in 2016)
  • $500 to State Rep. John Waldron in 2018
  • $250 to Andy Richardson (lost to Republican Sheila Dills in 2018)

(UPDATE: there are even more donations to Democrats on the old, pre-2015 system. I have not had time to go through them all, but it includes $500 to Drew Edmondson, $500 to Tom Adelson, and $1,500 to Pete Regan)

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