Letter from an Anonymous Healthcare Worker

An anonymous OKHPR healthcare worker has written the following statement. We hope it will encourage you and fire you up!

“It is time to take a stand! We as healthcare professionals are expected by our patients and the public to be honest and forthcoming when it comes to their health. With that trust comes the obligation and duty to speak up when we know deep in our hearts that something just isn’t right. And when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, something just isn’t right.

This vaccine has been pushed and forced on the public, and us, since before the initial trials were even made public. They tell the public that it’s FDA approved, but it’s not. An EUA does NOT equate FDA approval. In fact, if you look at the IFU for any device that has been granted an EUA, it says in plain English “not FDA approved”.

They tell the public that it’s not a new vaccine, but it is. This mRNA technology has never been used to induce immunity against a coronavirus.

They tell the public it’s safe, before we have any long term safety data.

They tell the public it is effective, while there is missing data that if included in the literature would prove otherwise.

They tell the public there are little to no side effects when there are many official reports of serious complications with many more going unreported. Many of those complications just as serious or even worse than the virus itself.

They tell the public that the “science is settled” before the research is even peer-reviewed. There are gaping holes and redactions in the report filed to the FDA for the Pfizer trial, including over 3,000 subjects who had suspected a COVID infection but were never tested.

The CDC says we should vaccinate children while the WHO says we shouldn’t.

The WHO also changed the definition of herd immunity in 2020. Herd immunity used to include individuals who were vaccinated AND who were naturally infected and recovered, but in 2020 they changed it to only count for individuals who were vaccinated. Why?

No patient should be forced or even bribed for consent. But that’s just what is happening. People are being offered beer, donuts, lottery money and other ridiculous bribes to consent to this vaccine. Lies, manipulation and bribes. That doesn’t sound like informed consent to me. And it’s not just the general public who is losing their right to informed consent. Recently, employees at Houston Methodist Hospital refused to accept the vaccine after it was mandated by their employer. They attempted to sue to protect their freedom and their livelihood. That lawsuit was struck down by a judge. And even more recently, here in Oklahoma, SSM has announced they will follow suit with the Houston Hospital. I know this can be a grey area for some; I myself believe in a private company’s rights to do business as they please. But we must draw the line somewhere. It is unreasonable and ought to be a criminal act to require an individual to undergo a medical procedure that is not FULLY FDA approved, just so they can remain employed in their chosen career.

I know this is difficult. We have a lot on the line when we speak up about this vaccine. We after all are part of the very system that is spreading misleading information to the public. So for us to speak out takes courage, resolve and science, real science, that we can fall back on.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand. Allowing our employers to force a non-FDA approved medical treatment on us would set a very dangerous precedent. In order to protect our rights and the rights of our patients, we must act early, we must act now, we must act together. If enough of us take a stand, we can force their hand. Houston Methodist didn’t have enough people refusing the vaccine. If everyone who had any reservations against this vaccine would have taken a stand, I believe Houston Methodist would have been forced to either withdraw the mandate or shut down. We all know that these hospitals are already run on skeleton crews. It won’t take a majority, but it will take all of us who know “something just isn’t right”.”