Mask “Requirement” after This Week’s Temporary Injunction

Last week an Oklahoma County District Judge granted a temporary injunction in the lawsuit over the parental rights bill SB 658 which prohibited public schools and universities from requiring students wear masks. This temporary injunction gave public schools the option to require masks IF they also offer exemptions. This is only a temporary order pending a hearing. The purpose of a temporary injunction is to maintain the status quo and prevent irreparable damage or change before the legal questions are determined.


  • Regarding masks, until a final ruling, schools that have been requiring masks must accept exemptions! (Even though they should not be requiring anyway).
  • We understand that because parents can opt-out using exemptions that many consider it a win for parental rights.
  • Our stance is that exemptions are not necessary if the law creates an optional or opt-in policy which SB658 clearly does. Optional is always a better policy than a “required with exemptions” policy because then you are justifying the requirement which the law does not do via SB658. The law clearly states masking is a choice or opt-in. This is why we can’t call it an official win!
  • It seems the only issue the judge had is the distinction between public and private and not the local control issue.
  • Ask your school for an exemption form. it is their job to provide it. Let us know if they don’t approve an exemption!
  • We hope this helps. We know there is much misinformation on social media and both sides are claiming victory here. We will let you, the parents, decide that.
  • The judge ruled that schools can’t require Covid-19 vaccine for attendance and enrollment.

Again, this is not the final ruling and no school can force your child to wear a mask. We will have to see what the final ruling will be as the case moves forward in the upcoming weeks.