OK Supt of Ed Candidate Jena Nelson: Endorsements and Involvement in DEI / CRT

The Oklahoma Superintendent of Education race is being reported as a close race.  Republican candidate Ryan Walters has made his priorities known, but what do we know about Democrat candidate Jena Nelson besides her opposition to vouchers?

Neither candidate, if elected, would have the authority to enact or prevent a voucher program.  The legislature has the responsibility for making this decision.  But the person elected would have great influence over curriculum in public schools.
Below is a list of known endorsements for Ms. Nelson. Images for endorsements are attached.

Jena Nelson Involvement with CRT / DEI Policies


Per OCPA link below, Jena Nelson was a member of Deer Creek Public Schools Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  On Feb. 12, 2022, Nelson claimed that CRT is not part of Oklahoma schools and dismissed concerns that many CRT concepts are now being relabeled as “social emotional learning” (SEL).

The Deer Creek school district has hired the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice (OCCJ) to provide up to 13 workshops whose objectives include a focus on “diversity, inclusion, implicit bias, and inclusive leadership.”

The OCCJ blog states that several of the organization’s programs “address critical theories by seeking to interrupt the automatic consciousness that determines what is ‘right’ or the ‘truth.’ For example, both young people and adults who partake in OCCJ programs are encouraged to examine their identities, seeking examples of both privilege and lack of privilege.”

EXAMPLES of CRT in Tulsa and Edmond Public Schools are attached.
Full Language in HB1775, which prohibits the teaching of CRT:  HB1775 ENR.PDF (state.ok.us)
A-rated and endorsed Ryan Walters needs our support and vote. Last week, Sooner Poll released that Jena Nelson is currently leading Ryan Walters by five points in a baseline poll. Share this blog post and spread the word that you support Ryan Walters for State Superintendent of Public Education!