OKHPR Candidate Questionnaire

As the 2022 elections are quickly approaching, OKHPR is beginning to send out candidate questionnaires! We send a candidate questionnaire to every state and federal legislative candidate from Oklahoma. We also send the questionnaire to as many city council and school board candidates as possible. Since city council and school board candidates file for candidacy locally, it is difficult for OKHPR volunteers to locate contact information for each candidate. Due to this, we ask that members reach out to your local candidates and ask that they request a questionnaire from OKHPR or send their contact information to info@okhpr.com.

The next election takes place on February 8th and includes the Board of Education primary and other special elections. If you are unsure if your area has an election, check using this link.

Once you locate candidates running for office in your local area, send them this link to request the OKHPR Candidate Questionnaire. We will send them the questionnaire as soon as possible. We ask that all questionnaires be turned in by January 7th to give our volunteers enough time to grade each questionnaire, determine endorsements, and put together the OKHPR voting guide.