OKHPR-PAC Announces Another Endorsement for US Senate!

Jackson Lahmeyer has been a strong critic of Dr. Fauci and the U.S. covid response. He also received an A rating on the OKHPR-PAC Candidate Survey.

Jackson Lahmeyer responded to his endorsement with the following statement.

“Today, the largest Health Freedom and Parental Rights organization in the state of Oklahoma endorsed Jackson Lahmeyer over James Lankford (one of two incumbent Senators not endorsed by President Donald Trump).

Oklahomans For Health & Parental Rights asked their members who to endorse in the US Senate race and overwhelmingly they chose the right JL… Jackson Lahmeyer.
People are waking up to the fact that James Lankford is an America Last career-politician who voted to give Ukraine $40,000,000,000 in the midst of record-setting inflation, surging gas prices, and food/baby formula shortages here in the US.
James Lankford is also heavily funded by Big Pharma, especially Pfizer. The members of OKHPR are informed voters and they know the truth about James Lankford. They also know that Jackson Lahmeyer is America First but also a Health Freedom Fighter.
Over the last 9 months, I have signed over 55,000 COVID19 Religious Exemption forms as the Pastor of Sheridan Church in Tulsa, OK, which has helped save thousands of jobs. If you or someone you know needs an exemption form they can visit www.jacksonlahmeyer.com/nomandate to download the FREE COVID19 Religious Exemption form.
I truly want to thank the members of OKHPR for their support and I promise to always put America First. I also want to encourage you to join OKHPR if you live in Oklahoma and support Health Freedom as well as Parental Rights. Membership is free and you can join by visiting www.okhpr.com
This endorsement helps in these final days to finish what we started back on March 16, 2021. The latest polling of 909 likely Oklahoma Republican Primary voters from Just Oklahoma Data has James Lankford at 46%, Jackson Lahmeyer at 36% and 17% Undecided.
Let’s Go WIN On June 28!
Thank you,
Jackson Lahmeyer”
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