OKHPR-PAC has endorsed Governor Kevin Stitt for a second term!

Congratulations to Governor Kevin Stitt for receiving the mama and papa bear stamp of approval! The decision to endorse Governor Kevin Stitt was based upon the following factors.
  1. Governor Stitt’s A+ voting record. A voting record carries significant weight. Any candidate can say they are a freedom fighter, but it takes guts to actually vote like one! Governor Stitt has signed all OKHPR-PAC supported measures that have been brought to his desk.
  2. Governor Stitt used his power as Governor to protect parents from having to take a re-education class with the Oklahoma State Health Department when applying for a vaccine exemption. Without Governor Stitt unelected bureaucrats would be using their unchecked power to limit parental rights. If you don’t remember or were not a part of OKHPR back then, you can read about how Governor Stitt protected parents here.
  3. Governor Stitt was ready to call a special session to address employee mandate issues in 2021. It was the Oklahoma State Senators who would not get on board. Oklahoma lacked the signature of 12 Senators in order to call a special session. Find out if your Senator supported a special session here.
  4. Governor Stitt’s A survey score. Read through the OKHPR-PAC survey questions here.
  5. The majority of official OKHPR members voted to endorse Governor Stitt.
  6. Governor Stitt is the most viable candidate for Governor.
    – “Sooner Poll released results on May 20 and their independent findings show:
    “Stitt dominates in the Republican Primary for Governor”. Primary results show stability in Gov. Stitt’s numbers but declining support for Sherwood
    – Stitt: 66.7%
    – Sherwood: 4.6%
    – Joel Kinstel: 3.5%
    – Moira McCabe: 1.2%
    – Undecided 24.1%- Overall, Governor Stitt’s job approval rating is at 77.7% among primary voters.
    – According to American Viewpoint, “even after facing nearly $10 million in attack ads, Governor Stitt is in a commanding position in the primary”. Read their full findings here.
  7. Trump endorsed Governor Stitt is the best option to beat F-rated Joy Hoffmeister, who will likely be the Democratic nominee for Governor.