HB 2339 is Being Heard Tomorrow!

Hb 2339 will be heard on Thursday, 5/23/2019. If you can, please join us at the capitol at 9:00 AM tomorrow! We also need help TODAY 5/22/2019 at 1:30 at the capitol. We will be meeting outside of the house chambers. We need everyone to reach out to their representative and ask that they vote YES! Please call and email. We have broken down the steps that you need to take to be as simple as possible.

Step 1:¬†Call YOUR state Representative to ask that they vote YES on HB 2339. If you are not sure who your state Representative is, please check here.¬† After entering your address, scroll down to ‘state house’ NOT US HOUSE!

Phone script: “Hello, I am a constituent of Representative¬† ______. I am asking for the Representative to vote yes on HB 2339. Thank you.”

Step 2: Email YOUR state Representative to ask that they vote YES on HB 2339.

Email Talking Points: Feel free to use these talking points and expand on them. Do not copy them word for word.

  • This is common sense bipartisan legislation. If applying sunscreen at school requires written parental authorization so should vaccination.
  • We want to codify in the statute what is already a part of the Oklahoma Parental Bill of Rights.
  • This bill only requires ONE consent form. Parents will not have to sign tedious consents.If you join us at the capitol tomorrow morning, make sure to dress business casual. Children are welcome. However, please make sure that they have quiet activities and be ready to leave the gallery if they become noisy.