Two Bills Have Passed the Committee! Here is What Happens Next:

Have you heard the news?? Two bills requested by OKHPR have passed the committee. However there are many more steps to go! Here are the details.









HB 2339:  Will prohibit vaccinations at school without prior written authorization. This is common sense, we know. If you need written parental authorization to apply sunscreen at school, you should need written parental authorization for a vaccine. Unfortunately we know that this DOES happen, as shocking as that might be to hear. OKHPR member, Kristi, has a vaccine injured child named Max. Max was granted a medical exemption but was vaccinated at school by the caring van without her knowledge. This bill will codify in law that schools must have written parental authorization so that something like this hopefully never happens again. Listen to Max and Kristi’s story here.

HB 2420: Will prohibit insurance companies from providing financial incentives to vaccinations. Currently, insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, and even Soonercare pay doctors bonuses for vaccinating children and keeping high vaccination rates. This is why some doctors do not allow patients who wish to delay vaccines, selectively vaccinate, or not vaccinate whatsoever. This limits parents’ choices. Some parents, especially parents who live in rural areas where there are not many options for pediatricians, report having a hard time finding a doctor who will see their children if they wish to make alternative vaccination decisions. In four years we have reports of approximately 124 doctors serving patients on alternative vaccination schedules in Oklahoma. Having a primary care provider means better health outcomes and reduces the cost of healthcare. By removing these financial incentives, more Oklahoma children will have availability to a primary care provider.

What about SCR 1?

SCR 1 is the concurrent resolution urging ratification of Parental Rights Amendment. It has passed the senate floor and is now headed to the house. Please include it in your email and calls!

So what do we do next? We need all of our members to reach out to your state representative. If you do not know who your representative is, use this link. Once you put in your address, scroll all the way to the bottom. The last legislator is your representative. It will say “State House” above his or her picture. Please email and call, and ask them to vote YES on HB 2339 and HB 2420. Make sure to include ‘FROM YOUR CONSTITUENT’ in the subject line of your email. Then include your name and address to end your email.