Resources for Employees

Hundreds of healthcare workers joined us at the Townhall last week. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here.  We urge you to watch the recording take notes. However, here is a small list of the actionable steps that were outlined for healthcare workers.

  1. Join OKHPR’s new texting system. Text “#HCP” to 405-251-8915. Many who were in attendance at the townhall requested a way to organize by the hospital they are employed at so that employees can band together and be united. After you have registered for the texting system, send a text with the name of the hospital that you work at so we can group employees together.
  2. Attempt to file an exemption if your employer is offering one. If you need a minister to sign a religious exemption, the following ministers have reached out to us and are willing to sign exemptions. Click here for the minister list.
  3. Use this template from our legal team to ask questions about the mandate. Please do not cut and paste the letter verbatim. It is recommended that you read the document and place the questions in your own words in your own language. It is encouraged that you remove questions that you don’t wish to include and (more importantly) add questions that you have that are more tailored to your specific employment.
  4. If you cannot get an exemption, please consider joining the lawsuit that is discussed in the townhall meeting. Please do not call the attorney directly as not to overwhelm him. He has asked that you email us instead. Email us at with the subject line “Lawsuit” and the name of the hospital system that you work for. We will forward your information to the attorney who is filing the lawsuit.
  5. If your religious or medical exemption has been turned down, please email us with the subject line “REJECTED EXEMPTION”.
  6. Read these additional tips from the OKHPR legal team.