SB 658 has passed the House!

Senate Bill 658 has passed the OK House! Here is a summary of SB 658:
-Mask mandates only under a state of emergency – (thank you, Senator Kim David.)
– Mask mandates not allowed for unvaccinated students – OU just announced this very divisive and ridiculous policy a week ago.
– Transparency on common education vaccinations; meaning schools must tell parents that they can opt-out using exemptions which Oklahoma has had for 50 years
– Vaccine passports, otherwise known as, “papers, please” are not allowed in any level of education
– Mask mandates must be voted on at each meeting
-No C-19 mandate for K-12 and Higher Education with the exception of medical programs who must see patients

Thank you to the OK House! We appreciate you! Big thanks to Representative Kevin West for authoring this bill and presenting it on the floor. You can read the full press release from Representative Kevin West here. There is one final hurdle that this bill has to go through. It needs to be signed by the Governor. Here is what to do!

  1. Send a thank you email to your State Senator and Representative if they voted yes on SB 658. You can check the House votes here, and the Senate votes here.
  2. Call Governor Kevin Stitt’s office at 405-521-2342 and ask that he support parental rights by signing SB 658! Then send an email to him using this link.
  3. Donate to OKHPRWe rely on your generous donations to work on legislation that protects parental rights in health choice. We appreciate all donations, big or small!

Lastly, Sign the petition against Vaccine Passports. SB 658 only protects students. It is a great first step but we need to codify health choice for all! This petition urges the Governor to protect adults from vaccine passports, mandates, and discrimination in Oklahoma. We are close to 10k signatures! 

You can share the petition on social media using the hashtags #KidsFirst, #WhatAboutAdults, and #SupportSB658. We don’t have a PR team, so we rely on you guys to help us get the word out!

After that, forward this email on to your friends and family and ask them to do the same!