SB 765 Will be Heard on 2/4!

Action Alert!!!!  Do you think you should be forced to take a vaccine as a condition of your job?

The following IMPORTANT bill will be heard Thursday!!
SB 765 is a bill authored by Senator Bullard that prohibits mandatory workplace vaccinations. Click here to read the full text of the bill.

SB 765 will be heard in the Business, Commerce, and Tourism Committee on Thursday morning. We need everyone to take a few minutes to contact the members of the committee and ask them to vote YES.

Step 1: Copy and paste the following email addresses into the ‘cc’ portion of your email.,,,

IMPORTANT! *If one of these Senators is the Senator for your district, please email them separately, and use the subject line “FROM YOUR CONSTITUENT: Yes on SB 765″*

Step 2: Write in the subject line “Yes on SB 765”

Step 3: Write a few short reasons why you support this bill. If you are currently mandated to take vaccinations for your job, please include this information.

Step 4: End the email with your full name and address. Legislative assistants will verify that you live and vote in the state of Oklahoma.

Step 5: Call the members of the Business, Commerce, and Tourism Committee and ask them to vote yes on SB 765.
Senator Leewright: 405-521-5528
Senator Coleman: 405-521-5581
Senator Bergstrom: 405-521-5561
Senator Burns: 405-521-5614
Senator Dahm: 405-521-5551
Senator Garvin: 405-521-5522
Senator Newhouse:  405-521-5675
Senator Paxton: 405-521-5537
Senator Pugh: 405-521-5622
Senator Rogers: 405-521-5600

Step 6: Listen in on the committee meeting in person at the State Capitol on Thursday at 10:30 AM in Room 419C, or listen in online here. You will need to click on the Business, Commerce, and Tourism Committee.


Thank you to Senator David Bullard for running this vital piece of legislation that seeks to protect bodily autonomy and religious freedom.