The Mama and Papa Bears do it A-Yen and Again!

OKHPR had 98% wins in Senate which was our FOCUS!

The only two senate races that OKHPR-PAC endorsed candidates lost were Wendi Stearman and Cody Rogers. Senator Rogers has contested that vote, as it was won by less than 100 votes. Stay tuned for an update on that election that later!

The big news was that both F-rated Jessica Garvin and Greg McCortney seen in this video here were unseated. Read more about these two races here.

In the House, John Talley was unseated by Molly Jenkins and many other new candidates came very close. Both Jim Shaw and Dr. Julie McIntosh came close to unseating Rep. Kevin Wallace and Blake Stephens respectively. See all election results here.

The August 27th Runoff Election will determine who the next leader of the Senate is! It is that close! We will be donating to most of the runoff elections, and we have spent one-third of our budget on the primary election. Can you chip in $27 to get the runoff endorsements to beat the swamp again? Please help us restock and consider becoming a monthly recurring donor too!