The Rally is over, what now? Action Alert!

Great job showing up yesterday freedom fighters! The work is not over! Here are four things you can do this week to fight mandates.

Attorney General John O’Connor has sued the Biden administration and Ascension St. John Hospital to block vaccine mandates.

•In writing📪

The Honorable John O’Connor
Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General
313 NE 21st Street
Oklahoma City OK 73105

•By phone:
☎️Oklahoma City: (405) 521-3921
☎️ Tulsa: (918) 581-2885
📞 Call the AG’s office to say: “Thank you for fighting for Oklahoma’s medical freedom. We are thrilled with the lawsuit against Biden. Please keep fighting for our freedoms!”

  • Let AG John O’Connor know we appreciate him.
  • Encourage him to keep fighting!
  • Ask him “what more can he do?”
  • Donate to his re-election campaign! End your donation in 86 cents in honor of the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury act (for example $20.86, $50.86, etc).OKHPR will be matching all donations ending in 86 cents!

REMEMBER: He’s on the ballot in June 2022.

Governor Stitt’s Office:

•Thank Governor Stitt for appointing John O’Connor as Oklahoma Attorney General. Express appreciation for the lawsuit against Biden’s unconstitutional vaccinations mandates.
•Thank the Governor for everything he does to protect employees from being forced to vaccinate against their will.
•Ask him what else he can do?

3. Mark your calendar for the next OKHPR Rally!
This will be for the start of the regularly scheduled legislative session on FEBRUARY 14th 2022!
Get ready to show up even bigger than we did yesterday!