Tulsa Health Department is Skirting SB 658

Many members have received a text message from the Tulsa Health Department reminding them that children are required to have vaccinations before school. This text does not include any information about available exemption options. SB 658, which went into effect July 1st, requires all school districts to state that exemptions are available anytime they mention vaccine requirements on their website or in enrollment publications. However, the bill does not specifically require the health department to do so. This is how the Tulsa health department is getting around the new law.

Our website details your exemption options and how to file for one. To combat this misinformation from the Tulsa health department, please share the resource page from our website. After clicking on ‘vaccine choice’ you will see links for the vaccine exemption form, vaccine law, and a frequently asked questions page. Make sure your friends and family are aware of their exemption options.