US Judge orders FDA to release Pfizer Covid shot licensing documents in one year not 75

Yesterday a federal court judge ordered the Food and Drug Administration to publish all the data submitted by Pfizer to license its Covid-19 vaccine within one year rather than the 75 YEARS originally proposed by the agency charged with assuring the purity and safety of food and drugs.

Attorney Aaron Siri of the Informed Consent Action Network represented a group of distinguished physicians and scientists from around the globe in the request for the timely production of the documents. Siri noted that it took Pfizer only 108 days to produce the documents, but they wanted more than 20,000 days to release them.

Despite the fact that none of the documents used to allegedly evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Covid shot have been released to the public who paid for them, and the federal government has absolved Pfizer, medical services workers who administer the shot, and itself of any legal liability for injuries caused by the product, the federal government is still using every means possible to force the entire population of the US to get injected with these experimental products.

Read more about the case at Siri’s Injecting Freedom column on Substack.

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