Vote No on SQ 820 on Tuesday March 7th!

Oklahomans for Health & Parental Rights, the largest parental rights and health freedom organization in Oklahoma opposes State Question 820. While we support medical freedom and have many members that utilize the medicinal benefits of cannabis, we believe Oklahoma has one of the most open programs in the nation currently. As we often say, “follow the money”. In this case, the ACLU, Schusterman and a Zuckerberg charity are partially funding the Yes Campain. We have also consulted with many medical marijuana advocates and organizations and here is just a bit of what we want voters to consider as they vote on March 7, 2023.

Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis (ORCA) sent us this statement. “As leading advocates for cannabis, and freedom of use in Oklahoma, we are disappointed with SQ 820, and cannot in good faith support it. Unlike proposals we make to ensure consumer access, safety and a level playing field for industry; SQ 820 does the opposite. Five years ago, a similar policy was approved in California. It devastated a thriving Medical Program. Additionally ,we are more disappointed that the supporters of SQ 820 have not been open about the minimal gains in justice reform that 820 provides. In fact, SQ 788 has already prohibited jail time for simple possession. Some say, “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”, that is the second rule of politics. Unfortunately, SQ 820 violates the first rule of politics. “First, do no harm”.

Leading cannabis researcher and OKHPR member, Chip Paul, who was one of the original advocates for SQ 788 told us this about SQ 820, “Most look at Colorado’s transition from medical to adult use. That is NOT an apples to apples situation.  CO had restricted their medical market with medical conditions and had around 2%-3% of their population participating in their medical program.  When adult use happened, this opened the program to CO residents (and also out of state).  Most of the upside of the CO rec program came from IN STATE RESIDENTS who did not qualify for the medical program.   In OK, we have open access and this would not be the case as it was in CO.  Further, 820 would completely reek havoc on the OMMA as it sets up dual licensing and many other administrative issues and problems.”

For more information, contact Liza Greve, Executive Director, at or 405-315-4104.

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