What to Know About Joy Hoffmeister

Governor Kevin Stitt has an A voting record and survey score from Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights. Joy Hofmeister declined to complete the OKHPR-PAC survey and has an F rated voting record for health and parental rights. She urged to keep schools closed and children masked. Here is more information about Joy Hofmeister that you should know before you cast your vote on November 8th.

“Oklahoma governor candidate Joy Hofmeister said she supports sanctuary cities during a campaign event on October 22.  “You talk about immigration, are you in favor of sanctuary cities?” Hofmeister was asked in a video of the event.  “Yes,” Hofmeister replied. “And I believe it is important that we treat people with dignity and with respect.”   (Link includes video)

The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) warned NRA members in Oklahoma about the anti-gun positions of gubernatorial candidate Joy Hofmeister.   “Joy Hofmeister received an F rating from the NRA because she supports policies that would delay and deny law-abiding Oklahomans of their right to keep and bear arms,” said Travis Couture-Lovelady, NRA Oklahoma state director.

4/8/2022:  “A spokesperson for state Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister said Oklahoma public schools must allow students to use any bathroom they choose, based on the student’s self-declared gender identity and cannot restrict access to the washroom based on biological sex. ”


Joy Hofmeister’s 8-year education plan, which is still unfolding, has brought radical changes that are transforming Oklahoma education.  The plan includes:

  • Opposition to HB 1775, which prohibits teachers from labeling and condemning students by race or skin color (often called Critical Race Theory-CRT).
  • Common Core aligned standards.
  • Test scores based on racial “equity” equalize outcomes/student performance scores.


The Oklahoma Education Department’s website has been scrubbed of social media links for the Democratic gubernatorial nominee’s campaign following a Washington Examiner report quoting legal experts who said the links could violate state law.  The fact that the department’s Twitter has retweeted her campaign and tagged her campaign could also violate state law, the lawyers said.
Students across the country lost significant ground in reading and math amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to newly released national assessment data — but Oklahoma students’ scores slipped more than most.

Declines were steepest in math. In math, Oklahoma dropped 8 points for fourth graders and 13 points for eighth graders, the largest point decline of any state. Nationwide, scores dropped 5 points for fourth grade and 8 points for eighth grade.

In reading, Oklahoma had an eight-point decline in fourth-grade reading and a seven-point decline in eighth-grade reading, compared to a three-point average national decline in both grades. Reading scores were declining even before the pandemic.

Hofmeister Faced Two Felony Charges for 2014 Campaign

11/5/2016:  “The felony charges filed Thursday against State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister stunned many Oklahomans.  Hofmeister faces two felony counts on her own: one for knowingly accepting campaign contributions that exceeded the maximum amounts set by law for a candidate, and the other for accepting contributions from a corporation, which is illegal. The company in question was the American Fidelity Assurance Co., which was not charged with any wrongdoing. Although Hofmeister and her campaign did not directly receive the donations, prosecutors allege she illegally coordinated with a newly formed nonprofit advocacy group, Oklahomans for Public School Excellence, to help her candidacy.”

8/1/2017:  A criminal case against State Superintendent of Education Joy Hofmeister has been dropped.  Oklahoma County court records show that conspiracy and campaign violation charges have been dismissed against Joy Hofmeister and her political consultants. The charges stemmed from Hofmeister’s 2014 campaign.”

7/1/2018:  “The state’s watchdog agency did not file an ethics lawsuit against state schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister because of the expense, the Oklahoman has learned.  The Ethics Commission revealed the reason in its complaint to the Oklahoma Supreme Court about its overall budget.  “The Commission will not pursue a serious and complex litigation case for which the statute of limitation just expired due to lack of in-house personnel to timely investigate and prosecute the matter,” it told justices.”

10/12/2022: Super PACs and and Dark Money Groups have poured more than $12.5 million into television ads attacking Governor Kevin Stitt and boosting his democratic opponent Joy Hoffmeister. Ask yourself why? If they can shift Oklahoma, the reddest state, they know they can do others. The left’s failing policies need to stay in California, Washington, & New York to name a few!