2022 VOTE BEAR – General Election Voting Guide

Use the OK Voter Portal to view your sample ballots for the November 8th General Election.

Candidates are required to submit records of their campaign funding. You can check out your candidate’s funding here.

We ask candidates 23 questions on a variety of health choice topics, the survey questions can be viewed here.

If you are a candidate who would like to fill out a survey, please click here. Financial endorsements are finalized, but we update the voting guide continually until the election is completed.

Table of Contents

United States Senate

United States Congress

State Wide Elections

State Senate

State House of Representatives

Local Elections

Judicial Candidates

OKC School Bond

Judicial Candidates

The following judicial candidates have been recommended to us from long time conservative activists. Judicial Candidates do not take an OKHPR survey. For more information on judicial candidates please check these sources. Muskogee Politico, OCPAC, Charlie’s Picks, OK2A, Batesline.

Oklahoma Supreme Court
  • Justice James Winchester: Do Not Retain
  • Justice Douglas Combs: Do Not Retain
  • Justice Dustin Rowe: Retain
  • Justice Dana Kuehn: Retain
Court of Civil Appeals
  • Judge John Fischer: Do Not Retain
  • Judge Thomas E. Prince: Retain
  • Judge Stacy Hixon: Retain
  • Judge Barbara G. Swinton: Do Not Retain
  • Judge Gregory Blackwell: Retain

District Judges

G. Brent Russell

District 5, Office 2

(Comanche County, Stephens County, Cotton County)

Neil West

District 5, Office 3

(Comanche County, Stephens County, Cotton County)

Scott Meaders

District 5, Office 4

(Comanche County, Stephens County, Cotton County)

Grant Shepherd

District 5, Office 5

(Comanche County, Stephens County, Cotton County)

Kathryn Savage

District 7, Office 14

(Oklahoma County)

Kevin Gray

District 14, Office 12

(Tulsa County)

Emily Maxwell Herron

District 17, Office 1

(McCurtain County, Choctaw County, Pushmataha County)

Michael David Tupper

District 21, Office 1

(Cleveland County)

Joe Dobry

District 23, Office 1

(Lincoln County and Pottawatomie County)

Associate District Judges

Abby Cash

Associate District Judge for Beaver County

Jenna Brown

Associate District Judge for Blaine County

Thomas Baldwin

Associate District Judge for Carter County

Laura McClain

Associate District Judge for Garvin County

Charles Gray

Associate District Judge for McLain County

Chad Locke

Associate District Judge for Muskogee County

Richard Kirby

Associate District Judge for Oklahoma County

Anthony Sykes

Associate District Judge for Stephens County

Rachel Bussett-Simco

Canadian County Associate District Judge

Oklahoma City School Bond

OKLAHOMA CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOND – VOTE NO! Ask yourself, didn’t we just pass MAPS for Kids a few years ago where we rebuilt or remodeled every school building in the OKC school district? Ask yourself, just how much of the millions of dollars in Covid relief funds were wasted on projects in our schools and just how much has yet to be spent? Ask yourself, just how many more tax dollars are you willing to spend on a government education system that has seen the test scores decline under the current OKC administration as well as on a state wide basis under Joy Hofmeister? Ask yourself, just how much am I willing to see my property taxes increased and do I expect to see improvement in return?