2020 General Election Voting Guide

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Use the OK Voter Portal to view your sample ballots for the November 3rd general election.

For voting FAQ click here.

See the full list of OKHPR-PAC general election endorsements here.

Candidates are required to submit records of their campaign funding. You can check out your candidate’s funding here.

Many members have asked what questions are on the 2020 candidate survey. We ask candidates questions on health choice topics such as medical marijuana, birth choice, vaccine choice, parental rights, informed consent, and medical privacy. Candidate answers are confidential, to protect the integrity of campaigns. However, we have now published the survey questions for members to view.

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Dates to Remember

Understanding the Voting Guide

Oklahoma Senate

Oklahoma House of Representatives

Federal Races – US Congress and US Senate

Local Elections

Presidential Election

State Question 805

State Question 814

Oklahoma City Proposals

Judges and Justices