OSDH Exemption Rule Opposition Form- Organizations

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has proposed new rules for vaccine exemptions.

The proposed rule changes modify the process for obtaining and submitting religious and personal vaccine exemptions for children enrolled in Oklahoma schools or child care centers. If approved, to obtain a religious or personal vaccine exemption, parents would be required to watch an educational presentation provided by a local county health department regarding “the risks associated with not being vaccinated and the benefits vaccinations provide to the individual and the community.” To be approved, the completed exemption form along with evidence of completed instruction would be required.

Express your concerns using this link. Before you send in your comment make sure to print it so you may read from it at the meeting on March 5th, if you wish. Once you have submitted your comment, please fill out the following form so OKHPR can stay in touch.


You should also plan to be at the public hearing on March 5th, 2020 at the Oklahoma State Department of Health, 1000 Northeast Tenth Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1207, in room 1102 from 1 PM to 4 PM. According to the rule change notice, public comment will be allowed. No signs. Be polite and courteous. Please dress business professional and you feel free to wear your shirts and buttons so they know why you use exemptions. Arrive early and be prepared for a long afternoon (snacks, water, chargers). Thank you for your support of parental rights!