2022 OKHPR-PAC Primary Endorsement WINS!

Primary Wins – these candidates advance to the November Election or August 23 Runoff!

Congratulations to the OKHPR Endorsed and A-rated Candidates who won their election OR moved on to the August 23rd runoff election!

In order to vote in the runoff election, you have only ONE MONTH to register to vote or get people registered, and ONLY REGISTERED REPUBLICANS CAN VOTE IN THESE ENDORSED RACES.

The following endorsements WON their primary election and do NOT face a runoff.

Endorsed State Wide Candidate WINS

Endorsed Oklahoma State Senate Candidate WINS


Endorsed State House Candidate WINS


Endorsed County Wide Candidate WINS

The following candidates are advancing to a runoff election and NEED YOUR HELP! We expect dark money and OSMA to come in hard! As reported by Oklahoma Watch, the Oklahoma State Medical Association spent more money than any other Oklahoma organization on independent expenditures. Spending more than $814,000 on a variety of legislative races.

While we could feel defeated, we need to use this to motivate ourselves to volunteer and donate. We have beat OSMA before, but we had a literal army of fired up mama bears! Many of our members seem to have gotten complacent. Speaking face to face with people as a grassroots volunteer beats mailers and ads nearly EVERY TIME! But we have to have the manpower and money to get it done. We have spent more than half of our war chest and need to replenish it to fight against far-left candidates who want to mask, test, and segregate us and our children in the name of public health.


Text us at 405-251-8915 to sign up for text alerts, the runoff voting guide, and election updates.

More information on the runoff election, including your sample ballot can be found on the Oklahoma Voter Portal website.

Endorsed State Wide Runoff Candidates


Endorsed Oklahoma State Senate Runoff Candidates


Endorsed State House Runoff Candidates

Endorsed County Wide Runoff Candidates


Thank you to all of the members who have donated and volunteered for the June Primary!