Action Alert!

Three important employee choice bills need to be heard this week (3/21-3/25)! All bills must be heard this week in the chamber of origin or they are dead. So if it’s a House Bill, it needs to be heard on House Floor and if it is a Senate Bill, then it must be heard on the Senate floor.

HB 3878
SB 1128
SB 765

Here is what we need you to do!

1. For House Bill 3878, contact your House Representative and ask them to vote YES on HB 3878. If you speak with their aide, please ask for a call back on their stance as we are updating the list below. You can find your Representative and their phone number HERE.

2. For SB 765 and SB 1128 please contact Senators Greg Treat and Greg McCortney as they decide what bills get heard on the Senate floor. Please ask that they allow these bills to have a hearing on the Senate floor and to protect Oklahoma jobs.

Senator Greg Treat

Senator Greg McCortney