Ascension Lawsuit Update

Over 400 Ascension employees who had a religious exemption denied have contacted OKHPR to join a lawsuit over this matter. Here is a quick update!

I think everyone that attended the meeting can agree that it went well. Mr. Love isn’t just taking on this case for something to do, he truly believes in our cause and is “one of us”.
Due to client/ lawyer confidentiality, we can’t talk specifics unless you are committed to being interested in joining us. Because of this, we will be starting a separate group with people who have committed to being interested in taking legal action so we can discuss details as they emerge.
To join this group, you need to not only email Mr. Love the following information but also copy me onto the email so I can make sure you are added to our group.

Email and the following information:
1. Name
2. Email (not work-related so that communication can continue uninterrupted if you are kicked off the work email, plus your employer owns your email, so it is not a confidential communication.)
3. Address- Oklahoma residents only, please
4. Which category do you fall under-
a) people that had an exemption denied, did not get a vax, did not turn in a 2-week notice and are being terminated on the 12th.
b) people that had an exemption denied, did not get a vax, but found a new job and left because of the mandate
c) people that had an exemption denied and got the vax even though they didn’t want to because they needed to keep their job
d) people that did not submit an exemption because they didn’t want to click the “voluntarily resign” box, but have not had the vax and will be terminated on the 12th.
e) medical exemptions that were denied in scenarios a-c
f) contract employees that work for an outside company but have had to deal with the mandate to keep their employment because they work with Ascension (i.e. doctors, lab personnel, reps, etc) Or some other category that isn’t mentioned.
Note any pertinent details about your exemption process, like whether or not your flu was denied but now approved. Note if you have had covid or if you have antibodies. Note any other information that you think is relevant, but please keep your email as succinct as possible and omit discussions of your personal stress, anxiety, and the like.

Only a limited number of clients will be permitted to participate in this effort. If you are interested, please send an email promptly so that we can get this party started.

As we know, the number one question that will be asked is regarding financial obligation.  For now, we are exploring several variables to make that determination.  One of them is the number of people that will be participating, so let us hear from you quickly if you are interested.”