Republican Senators Select Greg McCortney (Ada) as Senate Pro Tem Designee- What Do We Do Now?

Despite today’s outcome, we are still winners because we have educated Oklahomans about the process of a secret leadership vote that many are not aware of. This vote today is mostly symbolic, and today’s winner (PRO TEM DESIGNEE) will get access to the Senate Campaign Funds that can be used to influence the OFFICIAL Leadership vote that will take place after this year’s elections in November. Read that again, this is NOT over yet! There are nearly a dozen Senate races (all districts with an odd number) that could still flip this Pro Tem Leadership vote, including McCortney’s own seat in Ada.
We are asking all of you to do a few things to try to change this outcome.
1. Share this video, especially with people in Ada.
2. Donate $10.00 for each Senate race that is open (120.00 or more)
3. Register to vote as a Republican (remember only Republican senators get to pick their Leader since they are in Majority)
4. Work a Senate campaign in your area or near by (coming soon).
5. Pray!
We are dedicated to heavily vetting these new candidates and we do mostly know which current senators voted for McCortney.  We are adding questions related to this leadership issue in our candidate survey as well. Please take this frustration and DO SOMETHING! We must get out of the boat, and do something new or bigger to change outcomes. One of our greatest enemies is not an individual but apathy.

Donate to & mark your calendar for these dates to remember:
April 5th  – Candidate Filing

June 18th Primary Election
These are vital to our success!
We are dedicated to staying the course. Please join us as we cannot do this alone.
Liza Greve, Executive Director,
Oklahomans for Health & Parental Rights