The Peoples Convoy Passing Through Oklahoma!

February 27th
The People’s Convoy

The People’s convoy will be passing through Oklahoma on I-44 on February 27th. They will depart Elk City in the morning and arrive in Vinita in the evening. Groups of Oklahomans will be meeting along overpasses to cheer them on. For more information, please check their website here.


NE Oklahomans making cookies for the truckers!











Additionally, a second convoy called the Freedom Convoy is coming up from Texas into Oklahoma City on March 1st. Here is a message about the meeting from our friends at Drive for 45: We will meet at Crossroads mall at 4:30 to welcome in the convoy of truckers (roughly 80 trucks) coming from Texas headed to DC. Upon their arrival, we will welcome them with signs, banners, and flags. Once they are stopped, we will greet them and present them with the donations we’ve collected. Once loaded we will have a prayer for them and then we will feed them with a BBQ dinner that was donated for them. While they eat we will decorate their trucks. At the end we will escort them out of town and then depart from there. We haven’t decided how far we are going to escort them yet but will announce it at the rally