The Tale of Two Transition Bills

For the 2023 Legislative Session OKHPR has advocated for two different bills that will ban gender transition procedures for children, SB 613 and HB 2177.

Last week was the deadline week for bills to be heard in the opposite chamber. SB 613 passed committee, and while this a great start HB 2177 was not heard in the Senate by Chairwoman Julie Daniels.

Here are some of our biggest concerns with SB 613 that those of you following and concerned about this issue should be aware of:

  1. SB 613 does not have any prohibition on insurance, most states have at least state provided insurance banned and/or reimbursements prohibited, this one has nothing.
  2. There is no language banning the use of public funds.

SB 613 now moves to the House Floor to be heard before all members.