Upcoming School Board Elections!

Filing for the 2024 school board elections is in December 2023. Below is a list of seats up for election in the largest districts. This is not a complete list of school board openings! There are over 500 school districts in Oklahoma. If you google your local school district board, you should be able to tell which terms are expiring in 2024.

Local school board races are critical since school boards set many of the policies for local schools and select curriculum. If you have followed your local school board member’s votes and are concerned about the direction of policies, please consider running for school board. If your local school board member is doing a great job, please let him or her know. Being on the school board can be challenging as well as rewarding.

The 2024 school board candidate filing packet is available here.

Resolution Due November 17, 2023
Statutory Filing December 4-6, 2023
Primary February 13, 2024
General April 2, 2024


District 2, Diamond Marshall, registered Democrat. Appointed in March 2023.

District 5, John Croisant, registered Democrat. Won 6097 – 5530 in 2020.

District 6, Jerry Griffin, registered Republican. Won 3302 – 3272 in 2020. Griffin is not planning to run for re-election in 2024.

Board of Education – Independent School District No. 1 of Tulsa County, (tulsaschools.org)

Map of districts here.


District 3, Cary Pirrong, registered Democrat. Appointed 2022.

District 4, Mark Mann, registered Democrat. Had no opponent in 2020. Mann is currently running for State Senate 46.

Board of Education / Board Members (okcps.org)

Map of districts here.


District 4, Cynthia Benson, registered Republican. Won 216-160 in 2014. No opponent in 2019.

Board of Education | Edmond Public Schools (edmondschools.net)

Map of districts here.


District 4, Staci Pruett, registered Republican. Won 52.9% in 2019 (471-183-156-81 four candidates).

Board of Education – Moore Public Schools (mooreschools.com)

Map of districts here.


Zone 4, Brandy Roulet, registered Independent. Won 714-471 in 2019.

Broken Arrow Public Schools – Board of Education (baschools.org)

Map of districts here.


Office 4, Chad Vice, registered Republican. Won 2200 – 1937 in 2019.

Board of Education / Board of Education Members (normanpublicschools.org)

Map of districts here.


Office 4, Charity Avery, registered Republican. No opponent in 2019.

Meet Our Board of Education | Putnam City Schools

Map of districts here.


Other Districts:

Asher Public School I-112 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Bethel Public School I-3 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Dale Public School I-2 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Earlsboro Public School I-5 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Grove Public School C-27 Office #3 Three (3) Year Term

Macomb Public School I-4 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Maud Public School I-117 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

McLoud Public School I-1 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

North Rock Creek School I-10 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Pleasant Grove School C-29 Office #3 Three (3) Year Term

Shawnee Schools I-93 Office #2 & #4 Four (4) Year Term

South Rock Creek C-32 Office #3 Three (3) Year Term

Tecumseh School I-92 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Wanette School I-11 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Harrah School I-7 Office #4 Four (4) Year Term

Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Konawa School I-4 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Little Axe School I-70 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Office #2 Three (3) Year Term

Meeker School I-95 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Prague School I-103 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Strother School I-1 Office #4 Five (5) Year Term

Eastern OK TC-23 Office #5 Five (5) Year Term

Mid America TC-8 Office #5 Five (5) Year Term

Gordon Cooper TC-5 Office #1 Five (5) Year Term