Action Alert! Time is Running Out!


With just days left in the legislative session, Sen. Shane Jett has amended House Bill 2335 to restrict state agencies from imposing vaccine mandates and requiring vaccine passports. The Shawnee Republican is encouraging Oklahomans to call their local senators and share their support of the legislation and ask that it be approved immediately. Read the full press release here.

HB2335 Prohibits State Government from requiring Vaccine Passports & Mandating Vaccines

  • Ask for HB2335 to be Scheduled to the Floor for a vote & use these talking points.
    • This bill has been available for a hearing since 2021.
    • Oklahoma has passed no meaningful legislation to protect its citizens against Vaccine Mandates.

1. President Pro Tempore Greg Treat

2. Majority Floor Leader McCortney

3. Senator Lonnie Paxton

4. Senator Paul Rosino

Sample Email to floor leadership:
Subject line: Hearing for HB 2335 (If one of these Senators is your senator, please add “FROM YOUR CONSTITUENT” to the subject line.)
“Senator _________,
Oklahomans were told that health freedom would be protected during this legislative session, but nothing has happened. HB 2335 will protect Oklahomans. Please allow HB 2335 to have a hearing in the Senate.
Thank you for your time.
Full Name
Full Address

The following Senators are up for re-election with strong opponents who are seeking our endorsements. Please contact them as well!

John Haste 405-521-5602
Darcy Jech 405-521-5545
Brenda Stanley 405-521-5584

Sample email or voicemail for Jech, Stanley and Haste.
“Hi my name is ______, I am contacting you to encourage you to ask Senate leadership to hear HB 2335 on the Senate floor. Thank you” (If you are a constituent, please mention that in your voicemail or in the subject line of your email!)

You can also submit a formal message or request here.