What to do if your employer is mandating the vaccine

A number of Oklahoma hospitals including OU Medical, SSM, and Mercy have announced that they will mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for all employees. While some hospitals have claimed to offer an exemption, these exemptions are woefully inadequate. For example, Mercy has stated that a board or committee will be looking into all exemptions and that medical exemptions must be “backed up by science”. This exemption process has the potential to be biased, and discriminatory. No employee should be forced to prove the validity of their medical or religious exemption. The same employees who were heralded as heroes in 2020 are now being coerced into taking an experimental drug or face the loss of employment.

We have a few tips and resources for employees that are facing this issue at their place of employment.

1. Document absolutely everything with your employer. Use only written correspondence.

2. Be polite, be kind, but demand answers.

3. Ask in writing all of your questions including:

    • What is the employer’s legal standings to force this upon employees?
    • What data are they using to back their request?
    • When did this mandate become policy? Was it part of my employment agreement?
    • Did I sign something that allowed the sharing of private medical information?
    • If an employee has an adverse reaction to this jab, what is the policy? Is the employer liable for adverse events? Are you going to take care of my family if something happens to me.

4. Tell them you have private medical reasons on why you do not want the vaccine and ask if there is there an exemption process.

5. Be sure in your correspondence that you say that you are uncomfortable with this mandate and you feel they are forcing you to make a personal medical decision. Communicate that you are not comfortable sharing your personal medical information.

6. Seek out an employment lawyer.

7. Let your employer know you want to keep your job.

8. Most importantly….DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB! Wait for them to fire you.

9. Your health is far more important than a job. Stand firm. Take a stand against medical tyranny. This fight will take COURAGE! We are going to have to gear up for a fight if we want to protect our rights.

10. Sign up as a health care professional at okhpr.com so that we can continue to send you targeted action alerts, invite you to exclusive events, and stay in touch about lawsuits and exemption options.

11. Sign the petition to protect employees from vaccine mandates.

12. Share this information with your friends and family!